Quotes of Candy

“ People get so in the habit of worry that if you save them from drowning and put them on a bank to dry in the sun with hot chocolate and muffins they wonder whether they are catching cold. ”

- John Jay Chapman

“ Save the earth. It's the only planet with chocolate. ”

- Unknown

“ After about 20 years of marriage, I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of that one. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate. ”

- Mel Gibson

“ In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips. ”

- Unknown

“ Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands — and then eat just one of the pieces. ”

- Judith Viorst

“ For Valentine's Day a German company has made chocolate in shapes of couples making love. I don't like them... I don't want my chocolate to have more fun than me. ”

- Jay Leno

“ Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you'll suck forever. ”

- Brian Wilson

“ Life is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get. ”

- Forrest Gump Movie

“ Marriage is like a box of chocolates. You have to squeeze a few bottoms to make sure you like what you are getting. ”

- Unknown

“ Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate. ”

- John Milton

“ I began to realise that the large chocolate companies actually did possess inventing rooms, and they took their inventing very seriously. ”

- Roald Dahl

“ I was handed a chocolate bar and an M-1 rifle and told to go kill Hitler. ”

- Jack Kirby

“ We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it. ”

- Roald Dahl

“ It was nice to see Chocolate outriding the Flat jockey. ”

- Alan King

“ Somebody warned me early on to be very careful about brushing up against the chocolate. ”

- Geena Davis

“ The craziest Peep-related candy I've ever gotten is a chocolate egg with a Peep inside it. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make that, which strikes me as both beautiful and pathetic. ”

- Steve Almond

“ I'm here for a friend. I brought a couple of boxes of chocolate Jell-O. ”

- Bill Cosby

“ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. ”

- Johnny Depp

“ People should focus their energy on developing a taste for dark chocolate, because its high cocoa content means that it contains far less sugar than the average chocolate bar. ”

- Alan Parker

“ You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar. ”

- George Carlin

“ Carob works on the principle that, when mixed with the right combination of fats and sugar, it can duplicate chocolate in color and texture. Of course, the same can be said of dirt. ”

- Sandra Boynton

“ Like Water for Chocolate. ”

- Willy Wonka

“ I reckon I tried everything on the old apple, but salt and pepper and chocolate sauce topping. ”

- Gaylord Perry

“ Anyone who uses the phrase 'easy as taking candy from a baby' has never tried taking candy from a baby. ”

- Unknown

“ Anyone who uses the phrase "easy as taking candy from a baby" has never tried taking candy from a baby. ”

- Unknown

“ The ladies usually go for the biggest damn fool they can find; that is why the human race stands where it does today: we have bred the clever and lasting Casanovas, all hollow inside, like the chocolate Easter bunnies we foster upon our poor children. ”

- Charles Bukowski

“ I never do any television without chocolate. That's my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I'm a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It's amazing I'm so slim. ”

- Dawn French

“ Candy Is dandy But liquor Is quicker. ”

- Ogden Nash

“ On Valentine's Day, millions of men give millions of women flowers, cards and candy as a heartfelt expression of the emotion that also motivates men to observe anniversaries and birthdays: fear. ”

- Dave Barry

“ Really I don't like human nature unless all candied over with art. ”

- Virginia Woolf
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