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General view of the terms & conditions of "some lines for you"

You agree not to reproduce, replica, sell, trade the Website's content for any commercial use, whether or not for financial or any other form of compensation unless you have the prior written permission and authorization of "some lines for you".

General Condition

Our content never wants to hurt the spirit of anyone, so note those all the things which write below.

somelinesforyou.com reserve all intellectual property and all restrictive rights to every single web page of it. therefore we can change any content of the web, without any notice and notice period to you. Furthermore, we can block your access at "some lines for you" from somelinesforyou.com side, when we feel the wrong attempted from your side such as not only the wrong activity but also do the wrong way to access the somelinesforyou.com.

Furthermore, In our part of the blog, we write all content about real things and thinking; however, in some blog, Some content we will write as fantasy thoughts and things. If you feel uncomfortable behind our blog content, so try to ignore that because that content is not for you it's for some else who is interested to read that blog.

Browser flexibility

Our website is mostly good with all most all browsers such as chrome, opera, safari and many more with our web but some browsers cannot support us some future because they are not more friendly with some .js files and also other things such as Jquery, Ajax. Therefore we mostly recommend using flexible browsers(chrome and opera, safari and another more) to browse our web sites.

Thank you to follow it and read