Quotes of Brown - somelinesforyou

“ Kristin Brown looks as though she could have been mailed first-class to New York for about a dollar and a half. ”

- William E. Geist

“ Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. ”

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“ A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. ”

- Paul Erdos

“ I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, 'Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it. ”

- Jim Carrey

“ Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks. ”

- Steven Wright

“ A health to the nut-brown lass, With the hazel eyes: let it pass..... As much to the lively grey 'Tis as good i' th' night as day:.... She's a savour to the glass, And excuse to make it pass. ”

- Sir John Suckling

“ Do you know how helpless you feel if you have a full cup of coffee in your hand and you start to sneeze? ”

- Jean Kerr

“ I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup. ”

- Eddie Izzard

“ We would sit and drink decaffeinated coffee and discuss things. Always pretentiously. ”

- Penn Jillette

“ Those of you watching and listening, get a cup of coffee or a spot of tea and join us back here in just a few moments. ”

- Dan Rather

“ Tis pity wine should be so deleterious, for tea and coffee leave us much more serious. ”

- Lord Byron

“ I'm off everything apart from the fags and the coffee. I don't know if it's worked. It works up until you take your first drink. ”

- Robbie Williams

“ Thank you for your coffee, seignor. I shall miss that when we leave Casablanca. ”

- Ingrid Bergman

“ Numbers have dehumanized us. Over breakfast coffee we read of 40,000 American dead in Vietnam. Instead of vomiting, we reach for the toast. Our morning rush through crowded streets is not to cry murder but to hit that trough before somebody else gobbles our share. ”

- Dalton Trumbo

“ The manner in which Americans "consume" music has a lot to do with leaving it on their coffee tables, or using it as wallpaper for their lifestyles, like the score of a movie — it's consumed that way without any regard for how and why it's made. ”

- Frank Zappa

“ Murphy Brown is doing better than I am. At least she knows she still has a job next year. ”

- Dan Quayle

“ EXHORT, v.t. In religious affairs, to put the conscience of another upon the spit and roast it to a nut-brown discomfort. ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ If Jerry Brown is the answer, it must be a very peculiar question. ”

- Sen Lloyd Bentsen

“ As your attorney i advise you to take a hit out of the small brown bottle in my shaving kit. ”

- Hunter S. Thompson

“ Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special. ”

- Chris Rock

“ I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood. ”

- John Mason Brown

“ Invention flags, his brain goes muddy, and black despair succeeds brown study. ”

- William Congreve

“ Love can never grow old. Locks may lose their brown and gold. Cheeks may fade and hollow grow. But the hearts that love will know, never winter's frost and chill, summer's warmth is in them still. ”

- Leo F. Buscaglia

“ Moralistic is not moral. And as for truth — well, it's like brown — it's not in the spectrum. Truth is so generic. ”

- Iris Murdoch

“ Of all natural forces, vitality is the incommunicable one. Vitality never "takes." You have it or you haven't it, like health or brown eyes or a baritone voice. ”

- Francis Scott Fitzgerald

“ Our flag is red, white and blue, but our nation is a rainbow — red, yellow, brown, black and white — and we're all precious in God's sight. ”

- Jesse Jackson

“ The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year, Of wailing winds, and naked woods and meadows brown and sear. ”

- William C. Bryant

“ We had no revolutions to fear, nor fatigues to undergo; all our adventures were by the fireside, and all our migrations from the blue bed to the brown. ”

- Oliver Goldsmith

“ I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns. ”

- Winston Churchill

“ I am working for the time when unqualified blacks, browns and women join the unqualified men in running our government. ”

- Sissy Farenthold
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