Quotes of Deficit

“ Words pay no debts. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ A man in debt is so far a slave. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ He that dies pays all his debts. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ He that lacks the time to mourn, lacks time to mend. ”

- Unknown

“ He that lacks the time to mourn, lacks time to mend. ”

- Unknown

“ It is very iniquitous to make me pay my debts — you have no idea of the pain it gives one. ”

- Lord Byron

“ Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them. ”

- Ogden Nash

“ Debts and lies are generally mixed together. ”

- Francois Rabelais

“ He that dies pays all debts. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Youth is in danger until it learns to look upon debts as furies. ”

- Edward Bulwer Lytton

“ Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want - and their kids pay for it. ”

- Richard Lamm

“ Senator John Kerry released his plan today to eliminate the deficit. He said all we have to do is find a really rich country like Switzerland and marry it. ”

- Jay Leno

“ Our priority must be to build a path towards balancing the budget, and we cannot tolerate growing deficits. ”

- Michael Crapo

“ Democrats were quick to point out that President Bush's budget creates a 1 trillion dollar deficit. The White House quickly responded with "Hey, look over there, it's Saddam Hussein.". ”

- Craig Kilborn

“ The only justification for repressive institutions is material and cultural deficit. But such institutions, at certain stages of history, perpetuate and produce such a deficit, and even threaten human survival. ”

- Noam Chomsky

“ We were caught in a trap of our own making - a vicious circle in which our chronic deficits contributed to economic lethargy, which in turn contributed to even higher deficits, and then to greater malaise. ”

- Paul Martin

“ People are anxious to balance the budget, to reduce the deficit, and to do some sensible things about the economy and other circumstances in this nation. But, they don't wish to go about it in the way Jim Greenwood did by taking a buzz saw to a lot of things, cutting them out, and putting people in jeopardy. ”

- John Murray

“ Small debts are like small gun shots; they are rattling around us on all sides and one can scarcely escape being wounded. Large debts are like canons, they produce a loud noise, but are of little danger. ”

- Samuel Johnson

“ I'm not proud of everything I've done. I'm not proud of having a poor education. I'm not proud of being dyslexic. I'm not proud of being an alcoholic drug addict. I'm not proud of biting the head off a bat. I'm not proud of having attention deficit disorder… ”

- Ozzy Osbourne

“ There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it's only a hundred billion. It's less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers. Now we should call them economical numbers. ”

- Richard Feynman

“ I know there's all this talk about my charisma deficit and I have to admit that I'm not a wild, in-your-face actor. It's not my nature to be flashy or extroverted and that's why I see it as a great challenge to me as an actor to be able to play against type and shake up people's perceptions of me. ”

- Tobey Maguire

“ On jobs, Republicans have failed to pass a long-term highway bill, failed to end costly trade sanctions on U.S. goods, failed to enact tax cuts for U.S. manufacturers, and failed to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs, even with a 1.7 million private sector job deficit. ”

- Sheila Jackson Lee

“ I don't think losing 3 million jobs, having deficits as far as the eye can go, having 2 million people lose their health insurance, turning your back on kids in schools and not funding No Child Left Behind represents a vision. ”

- John F. Kerry

“ I never have voted for a pay increase for me, and with such a huge federal deficit, I don't think it's right to vote for a pay increase for yourself … My salary is greater than most of the people in my congressional district, and there is no way I can vote for a pay raise when many of them are just getting by. ”

- Lincoln Davis

“ The American people are much more concerned about taxes, welfare, the deficit, crime, education, drugs, and way down somewhere low is that matter of nuclear weapon danger. So our task now is to convince the American people that it's more dangerous now than it was during the Cold War, and that's a fact. ”

- Alan Cranston
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