Quotes of Crew

“ Baseball is the only sport I know that when you're on offense, the other team controls the ball. ”

- Ken Harrelson

“ We're the best team in baseball. But not by much. ”

- Sparky Anderson

“ I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team. ”

- Lee Iacocca

“ Everyone wants to be on a winning team,but no one wants to come to practice. ”

- Bobby Knight

“ You have to do it by yourself, and you can't do it alone. ”

- Martin Rutte

“ In order for us to realize genuine happiness, we must be willing to court contentment every step of the way. ”

- Sarah Ban Breathnach

“ We've got a lot of momentum, a lot of confidence we're doing the right stuff because the athletes are showing it, especially in the big championships. ”

- Bode Miller

“ But I was also a brat. I used to belong to a gang that went looking for fights with other gangs. ”

- Thomas Keneally

“ I don't want to look back and be looking at three or four teams and what they're doing. We still have to keep our eyes on Boston. ”

- Don Mattingly

“ It's up to the community now to decide if they want to keep this team. ”

- Mario Lemieux

“ How can you disrespect a team that's 12-4? ”

- Tom Brady

“ They are one of the handsomest, most sought-after couples. ”

- Jack Valenti

“ It was a good ballgame. We didn't finish very well, but I think the heat took a toll on both teams. ”

- Mark Sullivan

“ We have reached the point that if you have a medical record, credit card or computer, you have a privacy problem. ”

- Patrick Leahy

“ The top-notch shows have pretty good crews and I'm a big fan of hard-working camera crews. They make our jobs so easy. ”

- Adam Baldwin

“ I don't know what they mean by an icon. I never thought of myself as being that. It seems strange to me. I was just modeling, thinking of as many different poses as possible. I made more money modeling than being a secretary. I had a lot of free time… ”

- Bette Page

“ I think this team is going to be more offensive oriented then we have been. Another of the things that I like is our depth at each position, but right now, we have to work on getting our pitching staff in place and come to the conclusion of who that will include. ”

- Brad Holland

“ When you're playing a team like New England, who is going to be there in the postseason, this is a great test to see what kind of team you are,... When you play against a good team, you sort of see where you stack up. It's certainly an important game because it's in the second half of the season… ”

- Peyton Manning

“ I enjoyed the crew. The best part about 'The X-Files' has been the crew. This crew is an exceptional family and to go to work with a bunch of people that you really like is great. They're all the best of the best and they really try to do the best job they can… ”

- Robert Patrick

“ There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. Everybody's crew. ”

- Marshall McLuhan

“ A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team. It makes the most of every crew member's talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service. ”

- David Ogilvy

“ Nor aught availed him now to have built in heaven high towers; nor did he scrape by all his engines, but was headlong sent with his industrious crew to build in hell. ”

- John Milton

“ Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down. Respect for one's superiors; care for one's crews. ”

- Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

“ The most important thing that a commander can do is to see the ship from the eyes of the crew. ”

- Commander D. Michael Abrashoff

“ We have a wretched motley Crew, in the Fleet; the Marines the Refuse of every Regiment, and the Seamen, few of them, ever wet with salt Water. ”

- Benedict Arnold

“ I have a job that I truly love, and an enormous crew of people that can do things better than I can! ”

- Rick Baker

“ I want a pit crew… I hate the procedure I currently have to go through when I have car problems. ”

- Dave Barry

“ I have a wonderful make-up crew. They're the same people restoring the Statue of Liberty. ”

- Bob Hope

“ I do remember, as a child, that I always imagined, when I was maybe 6 or 7, my fantasy was that everywhere I went I was being followed by an invisible film crew. ”

- Ben Kingsley

“ I told the crew before we started, 'Look, anybody who can give me a suggestion, I'll consider it.' Anybody except the producer, that is. I won't even listen to him! ”

- Gene Fowler Jr.
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