Quotes of Stupidity

“ Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped. ”

- Elbert Hubbard

“ Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. ”

- Euripides

“ Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything. ”

- Frank Dane

“ Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain. ”

- Friedrich von Schiller

“ It is dangerous to be sincere unless you are also stupid. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost. ”

- Gustave Flaubert

“ The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity. ”

- Harlan Ellison

“ Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid. ”

- Heinrich Heine

“ There are more fools in the world than there are people. ”

- Heinrich Heine

“ There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity. ”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“ Insanity is just what we call stupidity when it doesn't make sense. ”

- Josh Lieb

“ Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. ”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

“ If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? ”

- Scott Adams

“ Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it. ”

- Stephen Vizinczey

“ Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity. ”

- Unknown

“ Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. ”

- Unknown

“ Fools rush in where fools have been before. ”

- Unknown

“ Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. ”

- Unknown

“ To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered. ”

- Voltaire

“ Lord, what fools these mortals be! ”

- William Shakespeare

“ The follies which a man regrets the most in his life are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity. ”

- Helen Rowland

“ Against stupidity the very gods Themselves contend in vain. ”

- Friedrich von Schiller

“ With stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain. ”

- Friedrich von Schiller

“ You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public. ”

- Scott Adams

“ The most exquisite folly is made of wisdom too fine spun. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out? ”

- Will Rogers

“ With various readings stored his empty skull, Learn'd without sense, and venerably dull. ”

- Charles Churchill

“ Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ The fool of nature stood with stupid eyes And gaping mouth, that testified surprise. ”

- John Dryden
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