Quotes of Entice

“ I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ And, e'en while fashion's brightest arts decoy, The heart, distrusting, asks if this be joy. ”

- Oliver Goldsmith

“ The mediation by the serpent was necessary. Evil can seduce man, but cannot become man. ”

- Franz Kafka

“ On this narrow planet, we have only the choice between two unknown worlds. One of them tempts us — ah! what a dream, to live in that! — the other stifles us at the first breath. ”

- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

“ Tempt not a desperate man. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Youth covets; let not this covetousness seduce you. ”

- Johann Friedrich von Schiller

“ If you're naturally kind, you attract a lot of people you don't like. ”

- William Feather

“ I never resist temptation because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ The more abstract the truth you want to teach, the more thoroughly you must seduce the senses to accept it. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ To attract men, I wear a perfume called ''New Car Interior.''. ”

- Rita Rudner

“ Not all that tempts your wandering eyesAnd heedless hearts, is lawful prize;Nor all that glisters gold. ”

- Thomas Gray

“ I don't use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there. ”

- Ursula Andress

“ She's beautiful, and therefore to be wooed; She is a woman, therefore to be won. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Know'st thou not any whom corrupting gold Will tempt unto a close exploit of death? ”

- William Shakespeare

“ You ever-gentle gods, take my breath from me; Let not my worser spirit tempt me again To die before you please. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ You can seduce a man without taking anything off, without even touching him. ”

- Rae Dawn Chong

“ Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect all who seek it. ”

- Frank Herbert

“ Madame Politics is like Venus: they whom she decoys into her castle perish. ”

- Hans Christian Andersen

“ One mustn't look at the abyss, because there is at the bottom an inexpressible charm which attracts us. ”

- Gustave Flaubert

“ It is not acceptable that certain member states indulge in underhand competition to attract international investment and entice European companies to relocate their headquarters. ”

- Lionel Jospin

“ I had to help to coax the performances and I really enjoyed that extra responsibility. ”

- Christopher Eccleston

“ I don't think the discus will ever attract any interest until they let us start throwing them at one another. ”

- Al Oerter

“ I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ Heterosexuality is dangerous. It tempts you to aim at a perfect duality of desire. ”

- Marguerite Duras

“ Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you; she is after your barn. ”

- Hesiod

“ I already had one of the best jobs in British policing, so it was always going to have to be something really outstanding to tempt me away. ”

- Michael Todd

“ That's the thing about pictures: they seduce you. ”

- David Byrne

“ Force always attracts men of low morality, and I believe it to be an invariable rule that tyrants of genius are succeeded by scoundrels. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce. ”

- Voltaire

“ The money isn't a lure. I've done very well out of this business. ”

- Julie Walters
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