Quotes of Electric

“ If Thomas Edison invented electric light today, Dan Rather would report it on CBS News as, "Candle making industry threatened.". ”

- Newt Gingrich

“ Some people expect the door of opportunity to be opened with an electric eye. ”

- Howard Hendricks

“ The more I see of democracy the more I dislike it. It just brings everything down to the mere vulgar level of wages and prices, electric light and water closets, and nothing else. ”

- D. H. Lawrence

“ I felt a responsibility to present a viable alternative to the popular electric sound. ”

- Ron Carter

“ Music took a bunch of average-Joe Christians who could play electric guitar and sing and threw them into the limelight. But we were not a bunch of Billy Grahams. ”

- Amy Grant

“ When I did Future 2 Future, it occurred to me, that I hadn't really done anything in electric music in a while. ”

- Herbie Hancock

“ I wish they'd had electric guitars in cotton fields back in the good old days. A whole lot of things would've been straightened out. ”

- Jimi Hendrix

“ I sing the body electric. ”

- Walt Whitman

“ How can I believe in God when just last week I got my tongue caught in the roller of an electric typewriter? ”

- Woody Allen

“ Genius hath electric power; Which earth can never tame; Bright suns may scorch and dark clouds lower; Its flash is still the same. ”

- Lydia M. Child

“ Flash'd from his bed the electric tidings came, he is no better, he is much the same. ”

- Unknown

“ Electric flesh-arrows… traversing the body. A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm. ”

- Anais Nin

“ Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who, with their soul, encourages another person to be brave and true. ”

- Charles Dickens

“ Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times. ”

- Napoleon Hill

“ Swinging at daisies is like playing electric guitar with a tennis racket: if it were that easy, we could all be Jerry Garcia. The ball changes everything. ”

- Michael Bamberger

“ I am an unpopular electric eel in a pool of catfish. ”

- Edith Sitwell

“ A friend never defends a husband who gets his wife an electric skillet for her birthday. ”

- Erma Bombeck

“ I've tried electric drum pads, but I hate them. I even had a huge, double-bass electronic kit in my last apartment that I played on through headphones, and I had that for maybe two days and that was it! ”

- Eric Carr

“ Persons grouped around a fire or candle for warmth or light are less able to pursue independent thoughts, or even tasks, than people supplied with electric light. In the same way, the social and educational patterns latent in automation are those of self-employment and artistic autonomy. ”

- Marshall McLuhan

“ There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify — so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish. ”

- John Keats

“ We will sing of great crowds excited by work, by pleasure, and by riot; we will sing of the multicolored, polyphonic tides of revolution in the modern capitals; we will sing of the vibrant nightly fervor of arsenals and shipyards blazing with violent electric moons; greedy railway stations that devour smoke-plumed serpents; factories hung on clouds by the crooked lines of their smoke; bridges that stride the rivers like giant gymnasts, flashing in the sun with a glitter of knives; adventurous steamers that sniff the horizons; deep-cheated locomotives whose wheels paw the tracks like the hooves of enormous steel horses bridled by tubing; and the sleek flight of planes whose propellers chatter in the wind like banners and seem to cheer like an enthusiastic crowd. ”

- Tommaso Marinetti

“ Wit and Humor — if any difference, it is in duration — lightning and electric light. Same material, apparently; but one is vivid, and can do damage — the other fools along and enjoys elaboration. ”

- Mark Twain

“ He is a man of thirty-five, but looks fifty. He is bald, has varicose veins and wears spectacles, or would wear them if his only pair were not chronically lost. If things are normal with him, he will be suffering from malnutrition, but if he has recently had a lucky streak, he will be suffering from a hangover… ”

- George Orwell

“ My father, for whom I was named, was an electrical engineer and had come to Bluefield to work for the electrical utility company there which was and is the Appalachian Electric Power Company. He was a veteran of WW1 and had served in France as a lieutenant in the supply services. ”

- John Nash

“ Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, but men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company, or other favorable conditions, become wise for a while, as glasses being rubbed acquire electric power for a while. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Civilization is drugs, alcohol, engines of war, prostitution, machines and machine slaves, low wages, bad food, bad taste, prisons, reformatories, lunatic asylums, divorce, perversion, brutal sports, suicides, infanticide, cinema, quackery, demagogy, strikes, lockouts, revolutions, putsches, colonization, electric chairs, guillotines, sabotage, floods, famine, disease, gangsters, money barons, horse racing, fashion shows, poodle dogs, chow dogs, Siamese cats, condoms, peccaries, syphilis, gonorrhea, insanity, neuroses, etc… ”

- Henry Miller

“ Cats exercise… a magic influence upon highly developed men of intellect. This is why these long-tailed Graces of the animal kingdom, these adorable, scintillating electric batteries have been the favorite animal of Mohammed, Cardinal Richlieu, Crebillon, Rousseau, Wieland. ”

- Leopold von Sacher Masoch

“ Before I put a sketch on paper, the whole idea is worked out mentally. In my mind I change the construction, make improvements, and even operate the device. Without ever having drawn a sketch I can give the measurements of all parts to workmen, and when completed all these parts will fit, just as certainly as though I had made the actual drawings… ”

- Nikola Tesla

“ Liberty! — Electric word! What is it? Is there anything more in it than a name — a rhetorical flourish? Why, men and women of America, does your hearts blood thrill at that word, for which your fathers bled, and your braver mothers were willing that their noblest and best should die? Is there anything in it glorious and dear for a nation, that is not also glorious and dear for a man? ”

- Harriet Beecher Stowe

“ A hundred years ago, the electric telegraph made possible - indeed, inevitable - the United States of America. The communications satellite will make equally inevitable a United Nations of Earth; let us hope that the transition period will not be equally bloody. ”

- Arthur C. Clarke
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