Quotes of Easiest

“ Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don't quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don't quit until you reach it. Never quit. ”

- Bear Bryant

“ The easiest person to deceive is one's own self. ”

- Edward Bulwer Lytton

“ The easiest thing a human being can do is to criticize another human being. ”

- Lynn M. Little

“ The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position. ”

- Leo F. Buscaglia

“ The easiest thing to find on God's green earth is someone to tell you all the things you cannot do. ”

- Richard M. DeVos

“ The easiest way to be cheated is to believe yourself to be more cunning than others. ”

- Pierre Charron

“ The easiest way to get a reputation is to go outside the fold, shout around for a few years as a violent atheist or a dangerous radical, and then crawl back to the shelter. ”

- Francis Scott Fitzgerald

“ The easiest way to solve a problem is to pick an easy one. ”

- Franklin P. Jones

“ There are three methods to gain wisdom. The first is reflection, which is the highest. The second is limitation, which is the easiest. The third is experience, which is the bitterest. ”

- Confucius

“ To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did, I ought to know because I've done it a thousand times. ”

- Mark Twain

“ True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who have learned to dance. 'Tis not enough no harshness gives offence. The sound must seem an echo to the sense. ”

- Alexander Pope

“ Work is the world's easiest escape from boredom and the only surefire road to success. ”

- Marabel Morgan

“ Working with children is the easiest part of educating for democracy, because children are still undefeated and have no stake in being prejudiced. ”

- Margaret Halsey

“ I'm not the easiest person to live with. I'm kind of a slob. So for me to consider a roommate, it would have to be one of my sisters or something. ”

- Katie Holmes

“ The easiest time to cure an illness is before it is accepted as a part of the self-image. ”

- Jane Roberts

“ Actually neither extreme of weather is a positive for the easiest most beneficial training. ”

- Bill Rodgers

“ I think the easiest job in the world has to be coroner. Surgery on dead people. What's the worst thing that could happen? If everything went wrong, maybe you'd get a pulse. ”

- Dennis Miller

“ The most complex things are the simplest. ”

- Agni Celeste

“ Nature always tends to act in the simplest way. ”

- Bernoulli

“ The easiest thing to do, whenever you fail, is to put yourself down down by blaming your lack of ability for your misfortunes. ”

- Kenneth Hildebrand

“ The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. ”

- Katharine Whitehorn

“ By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. ”

- Confucius

“ The truth is easiest to disprove - its defenses are down. ”

- Steve Aylett

“ I can accept anthing, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the half-way, the almost, the just-about, the in-between. ”

- Ayn Rand

“ The easiest kind of relationship for me is with ten thousand people. The hardest is with one. ”

- Joan Baez

“ The easiest thing of all is to deceive one's self; for what a man wishes he generally believes to be true. ”

- Demosthenes

“ There is a great deal of wishful thinking in such cases; it is the easiest thing of all to deceive one's self. ”

- Demosthenes

“ In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest. ”

- Henry Miller

“ Poetry is an art, and chief of the fine arts; the easiest to dabble in, the hardest to reach true perfection. ”

- E.C. Stedman

“ English is the easiest language to speak badly. ”

- George Bernhard Shaw
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