Quotes of Discovered

“ Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I myself would say that it had merely been detected. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ The white man discovered the Cross by way of the Bible, but the black man discovered the Bible by way of the Cross. ”

- James Baldwin

“ After an access cover has been secured by 16 hold-down screws, it will be discovered that the gasket has been omitted. ”

- De la Lastra’s Corollary

“ After the last of 16 mounting screws has been removed from an access cover, it will be discovered that the wrong access cover has been removed. ”

- De La Lastra’s Law

“ All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. ”

- Galileo Galilei

“ What a pity, when Christopher Colombus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it. ”

- Margot Asquith

“ Most are engaged in business the greater part of their lives, because the soul abhors a vacuum and they have not discovered any continuous employment for man's nobler faculties. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ As time goes on, new and remoter aspects of truth are discovered which can seldom be fitted into creeds that are changeless. ”

- Clarence Day

“ It wasn't until late in life that I discovered how easy it is to say 'I don't know'. ”

- W. Somerset Maugham

“ America has been discovered before, but it has always been hushed up. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ I have discovered the art of deceiving diplomats. I speak the truth, and they never believe me. ”

- Conte Camillo Benso di Cavour

“ Lie: A very poor substitute for the truth, but the only one discovered to date. ”

- Unknown

“ It was mentioned on CNN that the new prime number discovered recently is four times bigger then the previous record. ”

- John Blasik

“ How would it be if we discovered that aliens only stopped by earth to let their kids take a leak? ”

- Jay Leno

“ In comparing various authors with one another, I have discovered that some of the gravest and latest writers have transcribed, word for word, from former works, without making acknowledgment. ”

- Pliny the Elder

“ He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it - namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to obtain. ”

- Mark Twain

“ As pity moved into that hole inside her, she discovered how distant pity was from hate, how very far it was from love. ”

- Robert Cormier

“ An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex. ”

- Aldous Huxley

“ America had often been discovered before Columbus, but it had always been hushed up. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself - something that's in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered. ”

- Tina Turner

“ No pessimest ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an unchartered land or opened a new heaven to the human spirit. ”

- Helen Keller

“ The road to success leads through the valley of humility, and the path is up the ladder of patience and across the wide barren plains of perseverance. As yet, no short cut has ever been discovered. ”

- Joseph J. Lamb

“ I suddenly discovered the delight of rebellion. ”

- Jack Kerouac

“ It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats. ”

- Unknown

“ The most exhausting thing in life, I have discovered, is being insincere. That is why so much social life is exhausting; one is wearing a mask. ”

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“ If we all discovered that we had only five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to tell them that they loved them. ”

- Christopher Morley

“ A good composer is slowly discovered and a bad composer is slowly found out. ”

- Ernest Newman

“ We never understand a thing so well, and make it our own, as when we have discovered it for ourselves. ”

- Rene Descartes

“ If we discovered that we had only five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them. ”

- Christopher Morley

“ A desire to be observed, considered, esteemed, praised, beloved, and admired by his fellows is one of the earliest as well as the keenest dispositions discovered in the heart of man. ”

- John Adams
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