Quotes of Devastating

“ A man's idea in a game of cards is war, cruel, devastating, and pitiless. A lady's idea of it is a combination of larceny, embezzlement and burglary. ”

- Finley Peter Dunne

“ Fear is the most devastating of all human emotions. Man has no trouble like the paralyzing effects of fear. ”

- Paul Parker

“ One of the most devastating experiences in human life is disillusionment. ”

- Art Sisson

“ The swift wind of compromise is a lot more devastating than the sudden jolt of misfortune. ”

- Chuck Swindoll

“ There is no insanity so devastating in man's life as utter sanity. ”

- William Allen White

“ Global overcapacity in steel production can no longer be ignored. Foreign governments' intervention in steel markets has had a devastating impact on the U.S. industry. ”

- Max Baucus

“ The Bush rate hike would have a devastating impact on our economy and jobs. I will not rest until the administration's plan is dead and gone. ”

- Maria Cantwell

“ Joe Strummer died today… it's devastating, I couldn't believe it. I just heard it, someone just posted it one my website. Fifty years old… a mere youngster. ”

- Dave Davies

“ We do not destroy religion by destroying superstition. ”

- Cicero

“ Strange new problems are being reported in the growing generations of children whose mothers were always there, driving them around, helping them with their homework — an inability to endure pain or discipline or pursue any self-sustained goal of any sort, a devastating boredom with life. ”

- Betty Friedan
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