Quotes of Designate

“ If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people. ”

- Confucius

“ He who chooses the beginning of the road chooses the place it leads to. It is the means that determines the end. ”

- Harry Emerson Fosdick

“ If I could remember the names of all these particles, I'd be a botanist. ”

- Enrico Fermi

“ You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories. ”

- Melanie Clark

“ How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are, we must know our mothers' names. ”

- Alice Walker

“ I keep six honest serving-men ; Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. ”

- Rudyard Kipling

“ If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you. ”

- T. S. Eliot

“ The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them; there ought to be as many for love. ”

- Margaret Atwood

“ Above any Greek or Roman name. ”

- John Dryden

“ The blackest ink of fate are sure my lot, And when fate writ my name it made a blot. ”

- Henry Fielding

“ A good name, like good will, is attained by many actions and may be lost by one. ”

- Unknown

“ Tauzin backs term limits — But he thinks it's a bad idea. ”

- Buck Henry

“ Spiral!" the memorable Lady terms Our mind's ascent. ”

- George Meredith

“ If I could remember the names of all these particles I'd be a botanist. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ And rail'd on Lady Fortune in good terms, In good set terms. - As You Like It. Act ii. Sc. 7. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. ”

- Henry Moore

“ One might say, for example, that a patient has a kind of St Vitus's dance; a kind of dropsy; a kind of nerve fever; a kind of ague. One would never say, however "He has St. Vitus's dance," "He has nerve fever," "He has dropsy," "He has ague," since there simply are not any fixed, unchanging diseases to be known by such names. ”

- Samuel Hahnemann

“ The subject must be thought of in terms of the 20th century, of houses he lives in and places he works, in terms of the kind of light the windows in these places let through and by which we see him every day. ”

- Arnold Newman

“ Then came the daughters of Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, of the families of Manasseh the son of Joseph: and these are the names of his daughters; Mahlah, Noah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Tirzah. ”

- Bible

“ On a pure technology basis, we are leapfrogging our competition in terms of processing performance and compute power, both in terms of the number of CPUs customers can order as well as in the performance of the processors themselves. ”

- Carly Fiorina

“ The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver. ”

- Jay Leno

“ Love inspires, illuminates, designates and leads the way. ”

- Mary Baker Eddy

“ People often feel offended by praise because it designates a limit to their excellence. Few people are modest enough not to be offended by someone appreciating them. ”

- Marquis de Vauvenargues

“ The values to which the conservative appeals are inevitably caricatured by the individuals designated to put them into practice. ”

- Harold Rosenberg

“ When liberty is mentioned, we must always be careful to observe whether it is not really the assertion of private interests which is thereby designated. ”

- Georg Hegel

“ He is not all musician; he is also part bus conductor in charge of a moving vehicle who dutifully hurries people off and onto it at designated intervals. ”

- Christopher Andreae

“ The problem with the designated driver programme, it's not a desirable job. But if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At then end of the night drop them off at the wrong house. ”

- Jeff Bridges

“ The problem with the designated driver program, it's not a desirable job, but if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At the end of the night, drop them off at the wrong house. ”

- Jeff Foxworthy

“ The administration simply designates someone as a terrorist and that is enough to land them in prison indefinitely. ”

- Patrick Leahy

“ You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there. ”

- George Burns
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