Quotes of Dated

“ Have you ever dated someone because you were too lazy to commit suicide? ”

- Judy Tenuta

“ I dated a partially nude model, and she did a half-assed job. ”

- Jay London

“ I once dated a weather girl, we talked up a storm. ”

- Jay London

“ I've dated the sweet mama's boy, the musician rocker, the struggling artist - basically a lot of people without jobs. ”

- Alyssa Milano

“ I have an aunt Pat, and she was the celebrity of my childhood. She had a bunch of husbands and would swear, and she dated Robert Goulet. ”

- Andy Richter

“ The complaint about modern steel furniture, modern glass houses, modern red bars and modern streamlined trains and cars is that all these objets modernize, while adequate and amusing in themselves, tend to make the people who use them look dated. It is an honest criticism… ”

- Elwyn Brooks White

“ Verne is very dated now, and to be frank he wasn't that great a writer. His characterisation is weak, his plotting pretty basic, and his style leaves a lot to be desired… having said all that, this criticism is to take him out of context: you really need to look at his achievements in light of when he was writing, and what was being written at the time, and then you come to appreciate what a phenomenon Verne was. ”

- Eric Brown

“ In a new issue of Esquire magazine, they revealed that before he was married to Teresa Heinz, Senator John Kerry dated Morgan Fairchild, Michelle Phillips, Catherine Oxenberg and Dana Delany. Finally a Democratic presidential candidate with good taste in women. ”

- Jay Leno

“ In my experience with women that I've dated and my wife now, is you have to know what they care about. And even if you aren't a huge fan of it, you still have to have interest in it and it has to be genuine because women do it for men all the time. ”

- Tim Meadows

“ How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book! The book exists for us, perchance, that will explain our miracles and reveal new ones. The at present unutterable things we may find somewhere uttered. ”

- Henry David Thoreau
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