Quotes of Customary

“ Often, the less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it. ”

- Mark Twain

“ Perseverance is more prevailing than violence; and many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little. ”

- Plutarch

“ Necessity is not an established fact, but rather an interpretation. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself - and be lenient to everybody else. ”

- Henry Ward Beecher

“ We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ Sanity: that which is within the frame of reference of conventional thought. ”

- Erich Fromm

“ It is common for those that are farthest from God, to boast themselves most of their being near to the Church. ”

- Matthew

“ No gold-digging for me; I take diamonds! We may be off the gold standard someday. ”

- Mae West

“ I'm not a traditional politician, and I have a sense of humor. I'll try to soften it and become boring, maybe even very boring, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. ”

- Silvio Berlusconi

“ Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course. ”

- Lemony Snicket

“ The most familiar precepts are not always the truest. ”

- Marcel Proust

“ If we use common words on a great occasion, they are the more striking, because they are felt at once to have a particular meaning, like old banners, or everyday clothes, hung up in a sacred place. ”

- George Eliot

“ The traditional anti-fun feminist point of view is that of course men are bad, and they make women do bad things. ”

- Tucker Carlson

“ The traditional disputes of philosophers are, for the most part, as unwarranted as they are unfruitful. ”

- Alfred Jules Ayer

“ It is a common saying that many pecks of salt must be eaten before the duties of friendship can be discharged. ”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

“ It established a religion without a prelate, a government without a king. ”

- George Bancroft

“ The universal order and the personal order are nothing but different expressions and manifestations of a common underlying principle. ”

- Marcus Aurelius

“ You may be the only standard work somebody ever reads. ”

- Unknown

“ There is no point in driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later. ”

- Douglas Adams

“ We are unified both by hating in common and by being hated in common. ”

- Eric Hoffer

“ Our faith comes in moments; our vice is habitual. ”

- William Ellery Channing

“ Traditional nationalism cannot survive the fissioning of the atom. One world or none. ”

- Stuart Chase

“ You can find more traditional Shakespeare than we do. But what we want to bring to these works is energy, passion, freshness. ”

- John Bradshaw

“ Long after Salinger sent me away, I continued to believe his standards and expectations were the best ones. ”

- Joyce Maynard

“ While attendance at traditional churches has been declining for decades... the evangelical movement is growing, and it is changing the way America worships. ”

- Tom Brokaw

“ Genius is nothing more than common faculties refined to a greater intensity. There are no astonishing ways of doing astonishing things. All astonishing things are done by ordinary materials. ”

- Benjamin Haydon

“ Argumentative exhibitions bring issues to life in a way that very much irritates traditional curators who want to see their pictures valued for themselves. ”

- Jonathan Miller

“ No one is ever ordinary. ”

- Tanith Lee

“ I have no difficulty with the recognition of civil unions for non-traditional relationships but I believe in law we should protect the traditional definition of marriage. ”

- Stephen Harper

“ I believe that Canadians have the common sense to see that a better future cannot be built on fragmentation. ”

- Kim Campbell
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