Quotes of Custodian

“ Society is a madhouse whose wardens are the officials and the police. ”

- Johan August Strindberg

“ The Texas Rangers organization would like to thank Kenny Rogers for his efforts over the last two seasons and during his entire Rangers career. As we look at 2006 and beyond, we feel it is in the club's best interests to move forward without him. ”

- John Hart

“ Many wealthy people are little more than the janitors of their possessions. ”

- Frank Lloyd Wright

“ I know that atmosphere of the Parisian apartment building, with the twin menaces of the concierge on the ground floor and the landlord upstairs. ”

- Roman Polanski

“ The members of this Elite are either direct incarnations of the fourth - dimensional Prison Warders or have their minds controlled by them. ”

- David Icke

“ What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds. ”

- Will Rogers

“ I knew, as every peasant does, that land can never be truly owned. We are the keepers of the soil, the curators of trees. ”

- Lisa St. Aubin De Teran

“ A man's home is his castle, and his wife is the janitor. ”

- Lucille Kallen

“ A man's home is his wife's castle. ”

- Alexander Chase

“ Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master. ”

- Dwight Eisenhower

“ If she replies to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of just getting offended... she's a keeper. ”

- Unknown

“ A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often. ”

- Oliver Herford

“ Blacks have traditionally had to operate in a situation where whites have set themselves up as the custodians of the black experience. ”

- August Wilson

“ The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them. When the idea is new, its custodians have fervor, live for it, and if need be, die for it. ”

- Alfred North Whitehead

“ The school system, custodian of print culture, has no place for the rugged individual. It is, indeed, the homogenizing hopper into which we toss our integral tots for processing. ”

- Marshall McLuhan
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