Quotes of Cushion

“ Excelsior, higher and higher, but only step by step. ”

- Daniel D. Palmer

“ It's significant to note that a 'bumper-to-bumper' automobile warranty doesn't include the bumpers. ”

- Andrew Green

“ May you grow old on one pillow. ”

- Unknown

“ May you grow old together on one pillow. ”

- Unknown

“ Ignorance is the softest pillow on which a man can rest his head. ”

- Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

“ There's a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker. ”

- Charles M. Schulz

“ A bumper of good liquor will end a contest quicker than justice, judge, or vicar. ”

- Richard Brinsley Sheridan

“ L.A. bumper sticker: Keep honking - I'm reloading. ”

- Unknown

“ I heard the teardrop hit my pillow before I even knew I was crying. ”

- Terri Guillemets

“ Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone. ”

- Tommy Cooper

“ No pillows so soft as God's Promise. ”

- Unknown

“ When a woman dressjBS up for an occasion, the man should become the black velvet pillow for the jewel. ”

- John Weitz

“ It was one of the deadliest and heaviest feelings of my life to feel that I was no longer a boy. From that moment I began to grow old in my own esteem — and in my esteem age is not estimable. ”

- Lord Byron

“ A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. ”

- Charlotte Bronte

“ A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. ”

- Emily Bronte

“ Some guy hit my fender the other day, and I said unto him, "Be fruitful, and multiply." But not in those words. ”

- Woody Allen

“ Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age. ”

- Booth Tarkington

“ I'd rather sit alone on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ Cushion the painful effects of hard blows by keeping the enthusiasm going strong, even if doing so requires struggle. ”

- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

“ Don't you stay at home of evenings? Don't you love a cushioned seat in a corner, by the fireside, with your slippers on your feet? ”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

“ Honest men are the soft easy cushions on which knaves repose and fatten. ”

- Thomas Otway

“ Hope and patience are two sovereign remedies for all, the surest reposals, the softest cushions to lean on in adversity. ”

- Robert Burton

“ I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ The innocent seldom find an uncomfortable pillow. ”

- William Cowper

“ There is but an inch of difference between the cushioned chamber and the padded cell. ”

- Gilbert K. Chesterton

“ Humor has a way of bringing people together. It unites people. In fact, I'm rather serious when I suggest that someone should plant a few whoopee cushions in the United Nations. ”

- Ron Dentinger

“ Fatigue is the best pillow. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age. ”

- Christopher Morley

“ There seems to be a kind of order in the universe, in the movement of the stars and the turning of the earth and the changing of the seasons, and even in the cycle of human life. But human life itself is almost pure chaos. Everyone takes his stance, asserts his own rights and feelings, mistaking the motives of others, and his own. ”

- Katherine Anne Porter

“ The works of women are symbolical. We sew, sew, prick our fingers, dull our sight, producing what? A pair of slippers, sir, to put on when you're weary — or a stool. To stumble over and vex you… "curse that stool!" Or else at best, a cushion, where you lean and sleep, and dream of something we are not, but would be for your sake… ”

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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