Quotes of Convincing

“ Gentle words, quiet words, are after all the most powerful words. They are more convincing, more compelling, more prevailing. ”

- W. Gladden

“ It seems persuasive that, given the size of the U.S. current account deficit, a diminished appetite for adding to dollar balances must occur at some point. ”

- Alan Greenspan

“ To be persuasive, we must be believable. To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful. ”

- Hellmut Walters

“ For your own good is a persuasive argument that will eventually make a man agree to his own destruction. ”

- Janet Frame

“ There is nothing in the world like a persuasive speech to fuddle the mental apparatus. ”

- Mark Twain

“ Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs, Silence that spoke and eloquence of eyes. ”

- Homer

“ To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful. ”

- Edward R. Murrow

“ The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be. ”

- David Ogilvy

“ Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. ”

- Friedrich von Schiller

“ Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. ”

- Johann Friedrich von Schiller

“ A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. ”

- Max Planck

“ I had never even thought I'd be an actress - I was supposed to be a lawyer. But the motivation is the same: when you act, you defend a role; you have to be convincing. It's the same career. ”

- Anne Parillaud

“ I always admired Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk - but I don't know if I'd be a very convincing hulk. ”

- Lucy Liu

“ Reason gains all people by compelling none. ”

- Aaron Hill

“ Wealth is not without its advantages and the case to the contrary, although it has often been made, has never proved widely persuasive. ”

- John Kenneth Galbraith

“ Humor is richly rewarding to the person who employs it. It has some value in gaining and holding attention, but it has no persuasive value at all. ”

- John Kenneth Galbraith

“ When I talked, no one listened to me. But as soon as I acted I became persuasive, and I no longer find anyone incredulous. ”

- Giosue Borsi

“ To be persuasive, one must be believable.To be believable, we must be credible.To be credible, we must be truthful. ”

- Edward R. Murrow

“ Quite often I have a compelling sense of how a role should be played. And I'm proved — equally as often — quite wrong. ”

- Harold Pinter

“ By magic numbers and persuasive sound. ”

- William Congreve

“ To portray a maniac offers a compelling challenge. ”

- Bela Lugosi

“ Compelling reason will never convince blinding emotion. ”

- Richard Bach

“ This is an exciting opportunity that we believe is strategically compelling. ”

- Paul Little

“ If you make compelling television, they will come. ”

- Henry Winkler

“ I don't see that there are any particular changes in popular music. ”

- Lester Bangs

“ A trembling in the bones may carry a more convincing testimony than the dry, documented deductions of the brain. ”

- Llewelyn Powers

“ What Every Computer Consultant Needs to Know:1) In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.2) Do not believe in miracles. Rely on them. ”

- Murphy’s Computer Laws

“ Convincing yourself doesn't win an argument. ”

- Robert Half

“ Henry James created more convincing women than Iris Murdoch put together. ”

- Wilfrid Sheed

“ Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing. ”

- Oscar Wilde
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