Quotes of Cannibal

“ For the most part, we carnivores do not eat other carnivores. We prefer to eat our vegetarian friends. ”

- Robert Brault

“ If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner. ”

- H. L. Mencken

“ Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian. ”

- Herman Melville

“ The god of the cannibals will be a cannibal, of the crusaders a crusader, and of the merchants a merchant. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ It's silly to go on pretending that under the skin we are all brothers. The truth is more likely that under the skin we are all cannibals, assassins, traitors, liars, hypocrites, poltroons. ”

- Henry Miller

“ Those that lack friends to open themselves unto are cannibals of their own hearts. ”

- Francis Bacon

“ Most vegetarians I ever see looked enough like their food to be classed as cannibals. ”

- Finley Peter Dunne

“ Is it progress if a cannibal uses a fork? ”

- Stanislaw J. Lec

“ Genuine polemics approach a book as lovingly as a cannibal spices a baby. ”

- Walter Benjamin

“ A cannibal is a guy who goes into a restaurant and orders the waiter. ”

- Jack Benny
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