Quotes of Held

“ I know of no concessions (the Chinese) have owned up to. ”

- Byron Dorgan

“ If you can't have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for a life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live. ”

- George Edward Woodberry

“ The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground… ”

- Unknown

“ The rules have changed. True power is held by the person who possesses the largest bookshelf, not gun cabinet or wallet. ”

- Anthony J. D’Angelo

“ I believe that the testing of the student's achievements in order to see if he meets some criterion held by the teacher, is directly contrary to the implications of therapy for significant learning. ”

- Carl Rogers

“ Los Angeles seems endlessly held between these extremes: of light and dark - of surface and depth. Of the promise, in brief, of a meaning always hovering on the edge of significance. ”

- Graham Clarke

“ What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held out of locomotives travelling twice as fast as stagecoaches? ”

- The Quarterly Review

“ The fact is that my native land is a prey to barbarism, that in it men's only God is their belly, that they live only for the present, and that the richer a man is the holier he is held to be. ”

- Saint Jerome

“ He had a heart that could have held the empire of the world; and, in the end, he had to content himself with a cellar. ”

- Gaston Leroux

“ What did my hands do before they held you? ”

- Sylvia Plath

“ It was never what I wanted to buy that held my heart's hope. It was what I wanted to be. ”

- Lois McMaster Bujold

“ No man who ever held the office of president would congratulate a friend on obtaining it. ”

- John Adams

“ Adventure must be held in delicate fingers. It should be handled, not embraced. It should be sipped, not swallowed at a gulp. ”

- Ashley Dukes

“ To most of us nothing is so invisible as an unpleasant truth. Though it is held before our eyes, pushed under our noses, rammed down our throats- we know it not. ”

- Eric Hoffer

“ Becuase I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality. ”

- Emily Dickinson

“ Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors. ”

- Thomas H. Huxley

“ True love brings up everything - you're allowing a mirror to be held up to you daily. ”

- Jennifer Aniston

“ The "highest" states of mind held up before mankind by christianity as of supreme value, are actually forms of convulsive epilepsy. ”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

“ When the least they could do to you was everything, then the most they could do to you suddenly held no terror. ”

- Terry Pratchett

“ What Women Want: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted, and sometimes, just to be held. What Men Want: Tickets for the world series. ”

- Dave Barry

“ A ship ought not to be held by one anchor, nor life by a singe hope. ”

- Epictetus

“ It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do. ”

- Moliere

“ A new poll showed that if the election was held today, people would be confused because it is normally held in November. ”

- Kevin Nealon

“ Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates. ”

- Gore Vidal

“ Appearances are not held to be a clue to the truth. But we seem to have other. ”

- Ivy Compton Burnett

“ Do not let the future be held hostage by the past. ”

- Neal A. Maxwell

“ Does art reflect life? In movies, yes. Because more than any other art form, films have been a mirror held up to society's porous face. ”

- Marjorie Rosen

“ During the last century, and part of the one before, it was widely held that there was an unreconcilable conflict between knowledge and belief. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Elections are held to delude the populace into believing that they are participating in government. ”

- Gerald F. Lieberman

“ Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. ”

- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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