Quotes of Erect

“ He that gives good advice, builds with one hand; He that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but He that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other. ”

- Francis Bacon

“ Where God builds a church the devil builds a chapel. ”

- Martin Luther

“ We rise by raising others — and he who stoops above the fallen, stands erect. ”

- Robert Green Ingersoll

“ You have to erect a fence and say, "Okay, scale this.". ”

- Linda Ronstadt

“ Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. ”

- Adrienne Clarkson

“ It is any day better to stand erect with a broken and bandaged head then to crawl on one's belly, in order to be able to save one's head. ”

- Mahatma Gandhi

“ I've never seen a monument erected to a pessimist. ”

- Will Harvey

“ Those who first oppose a good work, seize it and make it their own, when the cornerstone is laid and memorial tablets are erected. ”

- Edgar Lee Masters

“ One mustn't criticize other people on grounds where he can't stand perpendicular himself. ”

- Mark Twain

“ When we build, let us think that we build for ever. ”

- John Ruskin

“ Let us humour if we can The vertical man Though we value none But the horizontal one. ”

- W. H. Auden

“ Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ Build it and they will come! ”

- Fields of Dreams Movie

“ I hate the man who builds his name On ruins of another's fame. ”

- John Gay

“ Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire. ”

- George Bernard Shaw

“ To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight of the blood. ”

- George Santayana

“ It will not always be summer; build barns. ”

- Hesiod

“ He stands erect by bending over the fallen. He rises by lifting others. ”

- Robert Green Ingersoll

“ Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time. ”

- Edwin P. Whipple

“ Give me the avowed, the erect, the manly foe, bold I can meet, perhaps may turn his blow! But of all plagues, good Heavens, thy wrath can send, save, save, oh save me from the candid friend! ”

- George Canning

“ Having leveled my palace, don't erect a hovel and complacently admire your own charity in giving me that for a home. ”

- Emily Bronte

“ In order to master the unruly torrent of life the learned man meditates, the poet quivers, and the political hero erects the fortress of his will. ”

- Jose Ortega y Gasset

“ I've never seen a monument erected for a pessimist. ”

- Paul Harvey

“ The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, "Thus far and no farther.". ”

- Ludwig van Beethoven

“ The whole effort of a sincere man is to erect his personal impressions into laws. ”

- Remy de Gourmont

“ There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic. ”

- Zig Ziglar

“ There has never been a statue erected to the memory of someone who let well enough alone. ”

- Jules Ellinger

“ To say that a thing has never yet been done among men is to erect a barrier stronger than reason, stronger than discussion. ”

- Thomas Brackett Reed

“ Today Americans are overcome not by the sense of endless possibility, but by the banality of the social order they have erected against it. ”

- Christopher Lasch

“ We, who have already borne on the road to Paradise the lives of the best among us, want a difficult, erect, implacable Paradise; a Paradise where one can never rest and which has, beside the threshold of the gates, angels with swords. ”

- J. A. Primo De Rivera
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