Quotes of Emission

“ Approximately 80 % of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let's not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources. ”

- Ronald Reagan

“ The sexual parts are not only vivid examples of the body's dominion; they are also apertures whose damp emissions and ammoniac smells testify to the mysterious putrefaction of the body. ”

- Roger Scruton

“ Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany have detailed plans to cut their greenhouse emissions by 20 to 50 percent. ”

- Donella Meadows

“ Men's ideas are the most direct emanations of their material state. ”

- Karl Marx

“ It is simply economically impossible to require controls that even approach zero emissions. ”

- Barry Commoner

“ The cliche is dead poetry. ”

- Gerald Brenan

“ When you have energy companies like Shell and British Petroleum, both of which are perhaps represented in this room, saying there is a problem with excess carbon dioxide emission, I think we ought to listen. ”

- James Baker

“ Senator Hillary Clinton is attacking President Bush for breaking his campaign promise to cut carbon dioxide emissions, saying a promise made, a promise broken. And then out of habit, she demanded that Bush spend the night on the couch. ”

- Craig Kilborn

“ If you have no friends to share or rejoice in your success in life — if you cannot look back to those whom you owe gratitude, or forward to those to whom you ought to afford protection, still it is no less incumbent on you to move steadily in the path of duty; for your active excretions are due not only to society; but in humble gratitude to the Being who made you a member of it, with powers to save yourself and others. ”

- Sir Walter Scott

“ Sex is interesting, but it's not totally important. I mean it's not even as important as excretion. A man can go seventy years without a piece of ass, but he can die in a week without a bowel movement. ”

- Charles Bukowski
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