Quotes of Electrify

“ Condense some daily experience into a glowing symbol, and an audience is electrified. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ To live without killing is a thought which could electrify the world, if men were only capable of staying awake long enough to let the idea soak in. ”

- Henry Miller

“ Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders. The Goliath of totalitarianism will be brought down by the David of the microchip. ”

- Ronald Reagan

“ The visual is sorely undervalued in modern scholarship. Art history has attained only a fraction of the conceptual sophistication of literary criticism. Drunk with self-love, criticism has hugely overestimated the centrality of language to western culture… ”

- Camille Paglia

“ An enchanted life has many moments when the heart is overwhelmed with beauty and the imagination is electrified by some haunting quality in the world or by a spirit or voice speaking from deep within a thing, a place, or a person. Enchantment may be a state of rapture and ecstasy in which the soul comes to the foreground, and the literal concerns of survival and daily preoccupation at least momentarily fade into the background. ”

- Thomas Moore
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