Quotes of Earliest

“ If you have been sunned through and through like an apricot on a wall from your earliest days, you are oversensitive to any withdrawal of heat. ”

- Margot Asquith

“ Science proceeds along a zig-zag path toward what we hope will be ultimate truth, a path that began with humanity's earliest attempts to fathom the cosmos and whose end we cannot predict. ”

- Brian Greene

“ If one takes all the styles in jazz harmonically from the earliest beginnings to the latest experiments, he still has a rather limited scope when compared to the rest of music in the world. ”

- Don Ellis

“ There is an invisible garment woven around us from our earliest years; it is made of the way we eat, the way we walk, the way we greet people. ”

- Jean Giraudoux

“ There are men whose manners have the same essential splendor as the simple and awful sculpture on the friezes of the Parthenon, and the remains of the earliest Greek art. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Since my earliest childhood a barb of sorrow has lodged in my heart. As long as it stays I am ironic — if it is pulled out I shall die. ”

- Soren Kierkegaard

“ One of the earliest lessons I learned as a child was that if you looked away from something, it might not be there when you looked back. ”

- John Edgar Wideman

“ I have heard it said that the first ingredient of success - the earliest spark in the dreaming youth - is this: dream a great dream. ”

- John Alan Appleman

“ I have heard it said that the first ingredient of success — the earliest spark in the dreaming youth — is this; dream a great dream. ”

- John Alan Appleman

“ Humor is a serious thing. I like to think of it as one of our greatest earliest natural resources, which must be preserved at all cost. ”

- James Thurber

“ From my earliest days I have enjoyed an attractive impediment in my speech. I have never permitted the use of the word "stammer." I can't say it myself. ”

- Patrick Campbell

“ A desire to be observed, considered, esteemed, praised, beloved, and admired by his fellows is one of the earliest as well as the keenest dispositions discovered in the heart of man. ”

- John Adams

“ When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ Hope is both the earliest and the most indispensable virtue inherent in the state of being alive. If life is to be sustained hope must remain, even where confidence is wounded, trust impaired. ”

- Erik Erikson

“ Also by my earliest days, I was fascinated by a utopian vision of what the world could be like. I've thought that science could be the basis for a better world, and that's what I've been trying to do all these years. ”

- George E. Brown Jr.

“ I love flags… I think of the men and women of the armed forces that fight to protect peace and freedom. When I was a very small child I went with my grandfather, who was a Lt. Colonel in the US Army and served the country through four wars - WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam - to Ft… ”

- Robert Patrick

“ It is important to admit your mistakes, and to do so before you are charged with them. Many clients are surrounded by buckpassers who make a fine art of blaming the agency for their own failures. I seize the earliest opportunity to assume the blame. ”

- David Ogilvy

“ I've always seen myself as one of those 'show people.' My earliest memories are wanting and needing to entertain people, like a gypsy traveler who goes from place to place, city to city, performing for audiences and reaching people. ”

- Brittany Murphy

“ The founders of a new colony, whatever Utopia of human virtue and happiness they might originally project, have invariably recognized it among their earliest practical necessities to allot a portion of the virgin soil as a cemetery, and another portion as the site of a prison. ”

- Nathaniel Hawthorne

“ This month marks the 440th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth on April 23, 1564. His influence has been so great in our country's cultural tradition that from our earliest days as a Nation the two books most often found in American homes were the Bible and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. ”

- Orrin Hatch

“ Our United States has become a great nation because its people have engaged — from the earliest years — in voluntarism. They have shown concern for each other in good as well as bad times. We must do everything within our power to nurture caring and giving. ”

- George H. Bush

“ I was disappointed in Niagara — most people must be disappointed in Niagara. Every American bride is taken there, and the sight of the stupendous waterfall must be one of the earliest, if not the keenest, disappointments in American married life. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ From the earliest times the old have rubbed it into the young that they are wiser than they, and before the young had discovered what nonsense this was they were old too, and it profited them to carry on the imposture. ”

- W. Somerset Maugham

“ From our earliest hour we have been taught that the thought of the heart, the shaping of the rain-cloud, the amount of wool that grows on a sheep's back, the length of a drought, and the growing of the corn, depend on nothing that moves immutable, at the heart of all things; but on the changeable will of a changeable being, whom our prayers can alter… ”

- Olive Schreiner

“ At the bottom of the heart of every human being, from earliest infancy until the tomb, there is something that goes on indomitably expecting, in the teeth of all experience of crimes committed, suffered, and witnessed, that good and not evil will be done. ”

- Simone Weil
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