Quotes of Dweller

“ Socrates... said he was not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world. ”

- Plutarch

“ The body is a community made up of its innumerable cells or inhabitants. ”

- Thomas Alva Edison

“ Socrates, indeed, when he was asked of what country he called himself, said, "Of the world"; for he considered himself an inhabitant and a citizen of the whole world. ”

- Cicero

“ I think (area residents) like the bragging rights of it. ”

- Steve Allen

“ A city becomes a world when one loves one of it's inhabitants. ”

- Lawrence Durrell

“ I am a Roman citizen. ”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

“ I think a lot of players from the USA could come to the premiership. They started there with a blank piece of paper, and have got it right. They have more kids playing Soccer, as they call it over there, than any other sport, but the major league soccer, will find it hard to compete with the likes of American Football, Basketball and Baseball. ”

- Richard Gough

“ There seems to be a kind of order in the universe, in the movement of the stars and the turning of the earth and the changing of the seasons, and even in the cycle of human life. But human life itself is almost pure chaos. Everyone takes his stance, asserts his own rights and feelings, mistaking the motives of others, and his own. ”

- Katherine Anne Porter

“ These are Russian citizens, and they have no other motherland. ”

- Vladimir Putin

“ A typical occupant of his office would have said, 'Give 'em everything they want,'. ”

- Mitch Daniels

“ If you were to apply this literally, you could have 1,800 residents (city's population) making individual allegations. That could gum up the works. ”

- Larry Brown

“ In Cambridge, the Lib Dems have put up council tax by 8%; failed to distribute recycling bins and boxes to many residents in the city. ”

- Anne Campbell

“ Buildings designed exclusively on scientific principles will depress their occupants and constrain their creativity. ”

- Robert Evans

“ Tensions between police and minority residents affect all aspects of the criminal justice system. ”

- Janet Reno

“ I'm very disappointed that after a lot of hard work and a public consultation and the reluctant agreement of Ware residents to approve 70 homes, we are now being asked to approve another 30. ”

- Terence

“ I have been a resident of Nevada for 52 years. When I moved here, Las Vegas had a little over 22,000 people and Reno was only slightly larger. ”

- James E. Rogers

“ And David and all Israel went to Jerusalem, which is Jebus; where the Jebusites were, the inhabitants of the land. ”

- Bible

“ There's something that unites us all. It's the belief that citizens of the United States are citizens first before they're consumers and there are values higher than money. ”

- Pat Buchanan

“ Becoming a resident of a state may confer the right to get a driver's license, but it does not and should not confer citizenship. ”

- Phyllis Schlafly

“ I expect we will become more demanding as citizens. ”

- Robert Anderson

“ But I don't want anybody to say have the right to say well if you bloody Brits don't like it go home. And they have the right to say that if you haven't become a citizen. ”

- Lynn Redgrave

“ I'm a very bad citizen. I've never even voted. ”

- Jerry Hall

“ A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it. ”

- Art Buchwald

“ The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, shall the inhabitant of Zion say; and my blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say. ”

- Bible

“ Taxpayers bought Miami-Dade residents thousands of television sets, air conditioners and other appliances. ”

- Susan Collins

“ To be an American is precisely to imagine a destiny rather than to inherit one; since we have always been, insofar as we are Americans at all, inhabitants of myth rather than history. ”

- Leslie Fiedler

“ A slight daily unconscious luxury is hardly ever wanting to the dwellers in civilization; like the gentle air of a genial climate, it is a perpetual minute enjoyment. ”

- Walter Bagehot

“ To deprive a man of his natural liberty and to deny to him the ordinary amenities of life is worse then starving the body; it is starvation of the soul the dweller in the body. ”

- Mahatma Gandhi

“ I am not an Athenian, nor a Greek, but a citizen of the world. ”

- Socrates

“ I am a citizen not of Athens or Greece, but of the world. ”

- Socrates
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