Quotes of Disfigure

“ There's no way to spin it: Allowing women to get shot to death, or blown up, or mutilated and disfigured in war-particularly in a voluntary war-is horrible. It's unnecessary. It's barbaric. ”

- Tucker Carlson

“ Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race. Even before there were large numbers of Negroes on our shore, the scar of our racial hatred had already disfigured colonial society… ”

- John Kennedy

“ I don't believe that the big men, the politicians and the capitalists alone, are guilty of the war. Oh, no, the little man is just as keen; otherwise the people of the world would have risen in revolt long ago! There is an urge and rage in people to destroy, to kill, to murder, and until all mankind, without exception, undergoes a great change, wars will be waged… ”

- Anne Frank

“ The Mars rover Curiosity has sent back images of some odd things on the surface of Mars, and some people think they could be UFOs. Here's my question. If we're on the surface of Mars, aren't we the UFO? ”

- Jay Leno
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