Quotes of Discontented

“ Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. ”

- Thomas A. Edison

“ Now is the winter of our discontent Made glorious summer by this sun of York, And all the clouds that loured upon our house In the deep bosom of the ocean buried. Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths, Our bruised arms hung up for monuments, Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings, Our dreadful marches to delightful measures… ”

- William Shakespeare

“ He that is discontented in one place will seldom be content in another. ”

- Aesop

“ It matters very little whether a man is discontented in the name of pessimism or progress, if his discontent does in fact paralyze his power of appreciating what he has got. ”

- Gilbert K. Chesterton

“ The discontented man finds no easy chair. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want? ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ Let thy discontents be thy secrets. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress. ”

- Thomas A. Edison

“ It is not our circumstances that create our discontent or contentment. It is us. ”

- Vivian Greene

“ The splendid discontent of God With chaos made the world. And from the discontent of man The worlds best progress springs. ”

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“ Restlessness is discontent — and discontent is the first necessities of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure. ”

- Thomas A. Edison

“ Wealth… and poverty: the one is the parent of luxury and indolence, and the other of meanness and viciousness, and both of discontent. ”

- Plato

“ There is no growth without discontent. ”

- Unknown

“ Here comes a man of comfort, whose advice Hath often stilled my brawling discontent. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ No one wants advice — only corroboration. - The Winter of Our Discontent. ”

- John Steinbeck

“ To fly from, need not be to hate, makind: All are not fit with them to stir and toil, Nor is it discontent to keep the mind Deep in its fountain. - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, 1818. ”

- George Gordon Byron

“ Discontent does not invariably create a desire for change. Other factors have to be present before discontent turns into disaffection. One of these is a sense of power. ”

- Eric Hoffer

“ Thou art the Mars of malcontents. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ We didn't do anything wrong... Some are frustrated that we did it this way. ”

- Rodney Alexander

“ If everybody was satisfied with himself, there would be no heroes. ”

- Mark Twain

“ We are, perhaps, uniquely among the earth's creatures, the worrying animal. We worry away our lives, fearing the future, discontent with the present, unable to take in the idea of dying, unable to sit still. ”

- Lewis Thomas

“ There's just something unsettling about studying your reflection. It's not a matter of being dissatisfied with your face or of being embarrassed by your vanity. Maybe it's that when you gaze into your own eyes, you don't see what you wish to see — or glimpse something that you wish weren't there. ”

- Dean Koontz

“ No matter how hard you climb, there are always the rich above you, who got there without effort. Lucky stiffs, holding you down, making you discontent so you buy more of the crap advertised on television. ”

- John Updike

“ You must not, when you have gained a victory, use any triumphing or insulting expression, nor show too much pleasure ; but endeavor to console your adversary, and make him less dissatisfied with himself by every kind and civil expression, that may be. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ We are going to have to find ways of organizing ourselves cooperatively,sanely, scientifically, harmonically and in regenerative spontaneity with the rest of humanity around the earth… We are not going to be able to operate our spaceship earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. ”

- Buckminster Fuller

“ All the discontented people I know are trying to be something they are not, to do something they cannot do. ”

- David Grayson

“ The contented man is never poor; the discontented never rich. ”

- George Eliot

“ Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better. ”

- Florence Nightingale

“ It is a wise man that does know the contented man is never poor, whilst the discontented man is never rich. ”

- Frank Herbert

“ I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel about as far as we do. ”

- John Muir
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