Quotes of Dictate

“ Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. ”

- Bible

“ And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us. ”

- Bible

“ This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ”

- Bible

“ Are we to have a church in which everyone's judgment is equal to everyone else's? That's not a church, it's chaos. Common sense dictates that you keep the fox out of the chicken coop. ”

- John Cardinal O’Connor

“ Alaskans deserve a coastal management program that works for Alaska. This is another example of the federal government dictating from afar program requirements that don't make sense in Alaska. ”

- Frank H. Murkowski

“ I'm afraid I was very much the traditionalist. I went down on one knee and dictated a proposal which my secretary faxed over straight away. ”

- Stephen Fry

“ It's hard to go with a trend. As soon as it's out, everyone picks it up. It's important to stay true to yourself. Have fun with fashion instead of letting it dictate. ”

- Estella Warren

“ I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US congress. ”

- Ronald Reagan

“ The Ten Commandments were not a suggestion. ”

- Pat Riley

“ The films should be influenced by the individual commandments to the same degree that the commandments influence our daily lives. ”

- Krzysztof Kieslowski

“ The posts went out, being hastened by the king's commandment, and the decree was given in Shushan the palace. And the king and Haman sat down to drink; but the city Shushan was perplexed. ”

- Bible

“ LORD, I have hoped for thy salvation, and done thy commandments. ”

- Bible

“ What list? Ten Commandments? What Ten Commandments? ”

- Charles Lindbergh

“ And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. ”

- Bible

“ For ye know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus. ”

- Bible

“ My theology, briefly, is that the universe was dictated, but not signed. ”

- Christopher Morley

“ Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason. ”

- Orson Welles

“ One is tempted to define man as a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice, without constraint. ”

- Alexander Hamilton

“ Oh! do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch. ”

- Jane Austen

“ Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. ”

- John Adams

“ Follow your own way of speaking to our Lord sincerely, lovingly, confidently, and simply, as your heart dictates. ”

- Jane Frances De Chantal

“ Give me the critic bred in Nature's school, who neither talks by rote, nor thinks by rule; who feeling's honest dictates still obeys, and dares, without a precedent, to praise. ”

- Sir Martin Archer Shee

“ If you live according to the dictates of nature, you will never be poor; if according to the notions of man, you will never be rich. ”

- Marcus Annaeus Seneca

“ In politics, it seems, retreat is honorable if dictated by military considerations and shameful if even suggested for ethical reasons. ”

- Mary McCarthy

“ Lies are essential to humanity. They are perhaps as important as the pursuit of pleasure and moreover are dictated by that pursuit. ”

- Marcel Proust

“ Man wants to live, but it is useless to hope that this desire will dictate all his actions. ”

- Albert Camus

“ No action will be considered blameless, unless the will was so, for by the will the act was dictated. ”

- Marcus Annaeus Seneca

“ No emperor has the power to dictate to the heart. ”

- Johann Friedrich von Schiller
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