Quotes of Devising

“ A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week. ”

- George S. Patton

“ We are busy planning the launch of the channel. I am busy planning all kinds of events that go on the channel without me. I have started producing a sound for the channel. ”

- Howard Gardner

“ I was planning to go into architecture. But when I arrived, architecture was filled up. Acting was right next to it, so I signed up for acting instead. ”

- Tom Selleck

“ Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it… Success is shy — it won't come out while you're watching. ”

- Tennessee Williams

“ To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well. ”

- Isaac Asimov

“ The best thing about a vacation is planning it. ”

- Andrew A. Rooney

“ Ultimately what they are planning is a Chinese space station in about 2008 or so. To do that they will need to learn about how to survive on longer missions. ”

- Brian Harvey

“ Developing the plan is actually laying out the sequence of events that have to occur for you to achieve your goal. ”

- George L. Morrisey

“ We always plan too much and always think too little. ”

- Joseph A. Schumpeter

“ We need a sense of the value of time — that is, of the best way to divide one's time into one's various activities. ”

- Arnold Bennett

“ With a definite, step-by-step plan — ah, what a difference it makes! You cannot fail, because each step carries you along to the next, like a track. ”

- Scott Reed

“ New rumors that Saddam Hussein is planning to flee to a castle in Libya with 10 billion dollars. Now President Bush doesn't know whether to nuke him or give him a tax cut. ”

- Craig Kilborn

“ Under capitalism each individual engages in economic planning. ”

- George Reisman

“ We're planning on troop withdrawals without any criteria being met that I can see,... You're taking a very big gamble here. ”

- John McCain

“ I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit was loosened, and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it on and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last and the last should be first. ”

- Nat Turner

“ Some self-confronting questions: "Where do I want to be at any given time?" "How am I going to get there? "What do I have to do to get myself from where I am to where I want to be?"… "What's the first, small step I can take to get moving?". ”

- George A. Ford

“ Never forget posterity when devising a policy. Never think of posterity when making a speech. ”

- Robert G. Menzies

“ When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary. ”

- Thomas Paine

“ Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. ”

- Alan Lakein

“ Life is a long preparation for something that never happens. ”

- William Butler Yeats

“ In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. ”

- Dwight D. Eisenhower

“ The beginning is the most important part of the work. ”

- Plato

“ Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do in the first place doesn't mean it's useless. ”

- Thomas A. Edison

“ Magnificently unprepared for the long littleness of life. ”

- Frances Cornford

“ Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. ”

- Tom Landry

“ If we had more time for discussion, we should probably have made a great many more mistakes. ”

- Leon Trotsky

“ Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. ”

- Mike Murdock

“ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ”

- Benjamin Franklin

“ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ”

- Unknown

“ It is a bad plan that admits of no modification. ”

- Publilius Syrus
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