Quotes of Conceptual

“ The lyrics are more conceptual than anything. They're not particularly about a person. They're just metaphorical, conceptual, of a time and place, ideal, life, that I once knew. ”

- Lisa Marie Presley

“ I thought it was a wonderfully conceptual act actually, to fire a replica pistol at a figurehead — the guy could have been working for Andy Warhol! ”

- J. G. Ballard

“ By the time the child can draw more that scribble, by the age of four or five years, an already well-formed body of conceptual knowledge formulated in language dominates his memory and controls his graphic work. Drawings are graphic accounts of essentially verbal processes… ”

- Karl Buhler

“ The visual is sorely undervalued in modern scholarship. Art history has attained only a fraction of the conceptual sophistication of literary criticism. Drunk with self-love, criticism has hugely overestimated the centrality of language to western culture… ”

- Camille Paglia

“ It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations, enhances a person's ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making. ”

- Alan Greenspan
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