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“ Each of us is incomplete compared to someone else — an animal's incomplete compared to a person… and a person compared to God, who is complete only to be imaginary. ”

- Georges Bataille

“ If you compare me to an actor, I'm probably one of the best boxers in the profession. But if you compare me as a boxer, I'm probably one of the best actors. ”

- Olivier Martinez

“ Your true value depends entirely on what you are compared with. ”

- Bob Wells

“ What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another. ”

- Marquis de Condorcet

“ It is a most mortifying reflection for a man to consider what he has done, compared to what he might have done. ”

- Samuel Johnson

“ A book may be compared to your neighbor; if it be good, it cannot last too long; if bad, you cannot get rid of it too early. ”

- Rupert Brooke

“ But he who never sins can little boast Compared to him who goes and sins no more. ”

- Nathaniel P. Willis

“ To compare is not to improve. ”

- Field Marshall John French

“ He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it. ”

- Confucius

“ In comparing various authors with one another, I have discovered that some of the gravest and latest writers have transcribed, word for word, from former works, without making acknowledgment. ”

- Pliny the Elder

“ The best coffee in Europe is Vienna coffee, compared to which all other coffee is fluid poverty. ”

- Mark Twain

“ What's the earth With all its art, verse, music, worth - Compared with love, found, gained, and kept? ”

- Robert Browning

“ The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot. ”

- Salvador Dali

“ Even the fear of death is nothing compared to the fear of not having lived authentically and fully. ”

- Frances Moore Lappe

“ Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit. Give everything you got today for tomorrow may never come. ”

- Dan Gable

“ I believe there is no source of deception in the investigation of nature which can compare with a fixed belief that certain kinds of phenomena are impossible. ”

- William James

“ Man, I was tame compared to what they do now, are you kidding ? All that I ever did was just jiggle. ”

- Elvis Presley

“ How fleeting are all human passions compared with the massive continuity of ducks. ”

- Dorothy Sayers

“ The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it. ”

- James M. Barrie

“ What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank? ”

- Bertolt Brecht

“ A book may be compared to the life of your neighbor. If it be good, it cannot last too long; if bad, you cannot get rid of it too early. ”

- H. Brooke

“ When I hear somebody sigh that Life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, Compared to what. ”

- Sydney J. Harris

“ All the wealth of the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united. ”

- Margaret D’youville

“ Among Life's precious jewels, Genuine and rare, The one that we call friendship Has worth beyond compare. ”

- Unknown

“ Don't forget that compared to a grownup person every baby is a genius. Think of the capacity to learn! The freshness, the temperament, the will of a baby a few months old! ”

- May Sarton

“ Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip. ”

- Sir Richard Steele

“ Fly fishing may be a very pleasant amusement; but angling or float fishing I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end and a fool at the other. ”

- Samuel Johnson

“ Grief at the absence of a loved one is happiness compared to life with a person one hates. ”

- Jean de la Bruyere

“ He who governs by way of virtue can be compared to the North Pole Star, which keeps its place while all the other stars position themselves around it. ”

- Confucius
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