Quotes of Collecting

“ The United States Constitution has proved itself the most marvelously elastic compilation of rules of government ever written. ”

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

“ Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to be dispersed because we've been ignorant of their value. ”

- R. Buckminster Fuller

“ Sowing is not as difficult as reaping. ”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“ Life happens too fast for you ever to think about it. If you could just persuade people of this, but they insist on amassing information. ”

- Kurt Vonnegut

“ And, re-assembling our afflicted powers, consult how we may henceforth most offend. ”

- John Milton

“ Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious. ”

- Bill Meyer

“ Philately starts where the catalogue ends. ”

- Unknown

“ Pollution is nothing but resources we're not harvesting. ”

- Buckminster Fuller

“ By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower. ”

- Rabindranath Tagore

“ Collecting is my passion. ”

- Ursula Andress

“ Honesty is incompatible with amassing a large fortune. ”

- Mahatma Gandhi

“ There are going to be some bruised feelings. There's a sense that the White House asked us to salute without any preparation. But those bruised feelings will get better over time. ”

- Grover Norquist

“ There are going to be questions about what major oil companies are doing with all of the resources they're accumulating. They can't escape that. ”

- Pete Domenici

“ We're just collecting information. ”

- Bill Parcells

“ A British pressing with a compilation of the best stuff really, I mean actually not only that but, these were all kind of semi hits for the people on it in America. ”

- Eric Clapton

“ Practical observation commonly consists of collecting a few facts and loading them with guesses. ”

- Unknown

“ We've got goats, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, two emus and five pot-bellied pigs. We just keep collecting these animals. I think when you are named Noah, you are destined for a certain way of life. ”

- Noah Wyle

“ By furthering the use of ethanol, farmers are presented with the opportunity to produce a cash crop by collecting their agricultural wastes. ”

- Richard Lugar

“ Journalism is the art of collecting varying kinds of information which a few people possess and of transmitting it to a much larger number of people who are supposed to desire to share it. ”

- Henry R. Luce

“ Like the newspapers dependent upon us for news, ours will be a business organization, collecting and distributing one of the world's most perishable products, news. ”

- Frank H. Bartholomew

“ An encyclopedia is a system for collecting dust in alphabetical order. ”

- Mike Barfield

“ What pursuit is more elegant than that of collecting the ignominies of our nature and transfixing them for show, each on the bright pin of a polished phrase? ”

- Logan Pearsall Smith

“ All science is either physics or stamp collecting. ”

- Lord Kelvin

“ All science is either physics or stamp collecting. ”

- E. Rutherford

“ It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire. ”

- Robert Louis Stevenson

“ All science is either physics or stamp collecting. ”

- Ernest Rutherford

“ Though collecting quotations could be considered as merely an ironic mimetism — victimless collecting, as it were… in a world that is well on its way to becoming one vast quarry, the collector becomes someone engaged in a pious work of salvage… ”

- Susan Sontag

“ We managed to put together a compilation that had some creativity to it. In the meantime I was listening to the free radio stations and I noticed that during their war coverage they were playing these songs born out of the Vietnam War that were all critical of the soldiers. ”

- Joni Mitchell

“ Of course, I started as a collector. A true collector. I can remember as if it were only yesterday the heart- pounding excitement as I spread out upon the floor of my bedroom The Edward G. Robinson Collection of Rare Cigar Bands. I didn't play at collecting… ”

- Edward G. Robinson

“ Yeah, if someone's selling downloads and collecting money for our songs I would be unhappy about that but if they're trading it I don't mind, obviously if I make a thousand records or CDs or whatever, I like to sell a thousand. ”

- Ian MacKaye
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