Quotes of Cocktail

“ Mix one part Denzel Washington and two parts Eva Mendes and you have a nice hot cocktail. ”

- Dean Cain

“ You don't want to get me started about apple martinis and the affect they have on my lovemaking. I might just throw you down and make some love to you right here and now. ”

- Rick Fox

“ You don't want to get the same kind of advice from everyone on your board. ”

- Ruben Cardenas

“ I dropped what I was carrying. I went straight to the alcohol section and got myself a bottle of vodka, a bottle of vermouth and went back and made myself a Martini...or two. ”

- Daniel Craig

“ Why don't you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini? ”

- Robert Benchley

“ He was white and shaken, like a dry martini. ”

- P.G. Wodehouse

“ A pate is nothing more than a French meat loaf that's had a couple of cocktails. ”

- Carol Cutler

“ Beer is not a good cocktail-party drink, especially in a home where you don't know where the bathroom is. ”

- Billy Carter

“ A rioter with a Molotov cocktail in his hands is not fighting for civil rights any more than a Klansman with a sheet on his back and a mask on his face. ”

- Lyndon B. Johnson

“ Something about glamour interested me. All my schoolbooks had drawings of women on terraces with a cocktail and a cigarette. ”

- Bill Blass

“ The really important things are said over cocktails and are never done. ”

- Peter Drucker

“ One revolution is like one cocktail, it just gets you organized for the next. ”

- Will Rogers

“ Memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set. ”

- Harold Macmillan

“ I'm tied of hearing about temperance instead of abstinence, in order to please the cocktail crowd in church congregations. ”

- Vance Havner

“ The cocktail party… is a device either for getting rid of social obligations hurriedly en masse or for making overtures toward more serious social relationships, as in the etiquette of whoring. ”

- Brooks Atkinson
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