Quotes of Chimera

“ It is respectable to have no illusions, and safe, and profitable and dull. ”

- Joseph Conrad

“ Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimaeras dire. ”

- John Milton

“ Experience comprises illusions lost, rather than wisdom gained. ”

- Joseph Roux

“ Therefore trust to thy heart, and to what the world calls illusions. ”

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“ I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. ”

- Alan Watts

“ Illusions are art, for the feeling person, and it is by art that you live, if you do. ”

- Elizabeth Bowen

“ The task of the real intellectual consists of analyzing illusions in order to discover their causes. ”

- Arthur Miller

“ The most dangerous thing is illusion. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Tradition is the illusion of permanance. ”

- Woody Allen

“ The loss of our illusions is the only loss from which we never recover. ”

- Ouida
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