Quotes of Charmed

“ Sons have always a rebellious wish to be disillusioned by that which charmed their fathers. ”

- Aldous Huxley

“ The faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest. ”

- Sir Walter Scott

“ Towery city and branching between towers; cuckoo-echoing, bell-swarmed, lark-charmed, rook-racked, river-rounded. ”

- Gerard Manley Hopkins

“ When we see a natural style, we are astonished and charmed; for we expected to see an author, and we find a person. ”

- Blaise Pascal

“ You know what, I'm very attracted to someone who makes me laugh and is that charming. Really, I could be charmed by anyone. I'm just a sucker for somebody that is charming. ”

- Beyoncé Knowles

“ I've had a pretty charmed life, so there's nothing that I need to take too seriously right now. ”

- Larisa Oleynik

“ I had lived a charmed life, and then I lost a beautiful woman I loved with all my heart. ”

- Robert Wagner

“ People are intrigued and fascinated, almost obsessed with the private lives of great public personalities. ”

- Geoffrey Rush

“ KING'S EVIL, n. A malady that was formerly cured by the touch of the sovereign, but has now to be treated by the physicians. Thus 'the most pious Edward" of England used to lay his royal hand upon the ailing subjects and make them whole — a crowd of wretched souls That stay his cure: their malady convinces The great essay of art; but at his touch, Such sanctity hath Heaven given his hand, They presently amend, as the "Doctor" in Macbeth hath it… ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ With his megawatt smile, his furry, feathery costumes, rhinestones as big as the Ritz and a unique blend of Beethoven and the Beer Barrel Polka, Liberace charmed millions with a flashiness that was almost too much to be believed. ”

- James Barron
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