Quotes of Cancer

“ Even though I'm not running anymore, we still have to try to find a cure for cancer. Other people should go ahead and try to do their own thing now. ”

- Terry Fox

“ We "need" cancer because, by the very fact of its insurability, it makes all other diseases, however virulent, not cancer. ”

- Gilbert Adair

“ Researches at Yale found a connection between brain cancer and work environment. The No. 1 most dangerous job for developing brain cancer? Plutonium hat model. ”

- Jimmy Fallon

“ Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. ”

- Edward Abbey

“ I don't think makeup is rocket science or a cure for cancer. ”

- Cindy Crawford

“ Now I'm being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer. ”

- Kate Moss

“ Suspicion is the cancer of friendship. ”

- Francesco Petrarch

“ Jealousy… is a mental cancer. ”

- B. C. Forbes

“ I support the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. Stem cell research is a big part of curing these diseases. I'm a big supporter of stem cell research. ”

- Jeff Gordon

“ For those of us who believe in the value of every human life, there isnt any more inspiring work under way in the world today. ”

- Bill Gates

“ We have common enemies today. It's called childhood poverty. It's called cancer. It's called AIDS. It's called Parkinson's. It's called Muscular Dystrophy. ”

- Jerry Doyle

“ If you look it up on the Internet, it is cancer,... They refer to it as noninvasive cancer. ”

- John Gotti

“ Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them. ”

- Linus Carl Pauling

“ I began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency and that if the cancer was not removed the president himself would be killed by it. ”

- John Dean

“ The president said that this is not removing a mole. You know, removing a mole, that's an outpatient sort of an operation. This was removing a cancer, removing a cancer takes more time. ”

- Gordon England

“ My veins are filled, once a week with a Neapolitan carpet cleaner distilled from the Adriatic and I am as bald as an egg. However I still get around and am mean to cats. ”

- John Cheever

“ I wish I had the voice of Homer to sing of rectal carcinoma. ”

- John B. S. Haldane

“ I spent two years telling studio heads that it wasn't a cancer picture. I hate cancer pictures. I don't want to see a cancer picture. There is only one thing worth saying about cancer, and that is that there are human beings in cancer wards. ”

- James L. Brooks

“ Cancer patients are lied to, not just because the disease is a death sentence. It is felt to be obscene — in the original meaning of that word: ill-omened, abominable, repugnant to the senses. ”

- Susan Sontag

“ In 1976 I was appointed an American Cancer Society Research Professor and in 1986, Distinguished Professor. The works recognized by this Nobel Prize are clearly a group effort of achievement as may be seen from the names associated with our publications on EGF… ”

- Stanley Cohen

“ Doctors said that the test most commonly used to screen for colon cancer doesn't go far enough. They're recommending a procedure that involves photographing the entire colon. I say, don't vie CBS an idea for another reality show. ”

- Bill Maher

“ Whenever I donate a hunting trip for the Children's Leukemia Foundation, Ronald McDonald Cancer House, all these children's charities, I offer the anti-hunters an opportunity: if you donate more to the children's charity than the hunters donate we won't go hunting. ”

- Ted Nugent

“ With the modern diseases (once TB, now cancer) the romantic idea that the disease expresses the character is invariably extended to assert that the character causes the disease — because it has not expressed itself. Passion moves inward, striking and blighting the deepest cellular recesses. ”

- Susan Sontag

“ Targeting drugs directly to cancer cells reduces the amount that gets to normal cells, increases the drug's anti-cancer effect and reduces its toxicity. By improving the therapeutic index of cancer drugs, we hope to turn cancer into a chronic, manageable disease. ”

- James Baker

“ He's a cancer survivor himself, and he's lost relatives and close friends, like Jim Valvano, to the disease, so I'm not surprised he's gone at this the way he has. He's the captain of this ship, leading the way for the rest of us. ”

- Rick Pitino

“ Proteomics offers significant hope as a cancer diagnostic tool, but while the earlier study appears promising, the results must be validated. To do this, we'll begin studying proteomics using blood from women who have had ovarian cancer to see if we can identify a specific protein pattern in those women whose cancers may later recur. ”

- Mary Daly

“ The entire economy of the Western world is built on things that cause cancer. ”

- Unknown

“ Pride is a spiritual Cancer: It eats up the very possibilty of love, or contentment, or even common sense. ”

- C. S. Lewis

“ Hell, we spent $200 Billion to get a scared guy who needed a shave out of a fox-hole! And he may even die of prostate cancer before we even get a chance to try him, dammit! ”

- Ted Turner

“ I understand that smoking is vaguely inappropriate in certain situations. You know, like an orphanage, cancer ward, whatever. ”

- Greg Proops
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