Quotes of Baron

“ True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings; Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. ”

- Bible

“ You had better have one King than five hundred. ”

- Charles II

“ I'd rather be a fencepost in Texas, than the king of Tennessee. ”

- Unknown

“ One murder made a villain, Millions a hero. ”

- Beilby Porteus

“ That man is deceived who thinks it slavery to live under an excellent prince. Never does liberty appear in a more gracious form than under a pious king. ”

- Claudian

“ The LORD shewed me, and, behold, two baskets of figs were set before the temple of the LORD, after that Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon had carried away captive Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim king of Judah, and the princes of Judah, with the carpenters and smiths, from Jerusalem, and had brought them to Babylon. ”

- Bible

“ In Spain there's the king - and then there's Antonio. ”

- Melanie Griffith

“ Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as our prince of peace, of civil rights. We owe him something major that will keep him and his memory alive. ”

- Morgan Freeman

“ I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem. ”

- Bible

“ They make the king glad with their wickedness, and the princes with their lies. ”

- Bible

“ It is the end. But of what? The end of France? No. The end of kings? Yes. ”

- Victor Hugo

“ By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. ”

- Bible

“ Whereupon the princes of Israel and the king humbled themselves; and they said, The LORD is righteous. ”

- Bible

“ As the thief is ashamed when he is found, so is the house of Israel ashamed; they, their kings, their princes, and their priests, and their prophets. ”

- Bible

“ A prince can mak a belted knight, A marquis, duke, and a' that; But an honest man's aboon his might: Guid faith, he maunna fa' that. ”

- Robert Burns

“ He trusted in the Lord God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him. (2 Kings 18:5). ”

- Bible

“ Any man can seek revenge; it takes a king or prince to grant a pardon. ”

- Arthur J. Rehrat

“ Kings cannot ennoble thee, thou good, great soul, for One who is higher than kings hath done that for thee; but a king can confirm thy nobility to men. ”

- Mark Twain

“ Kings have no friends," Stannis said bluntly, "only subjects and enemies. ”

- George R. R. Martin

“ He that has one eye is a prince among those that have none. ”

- Thomas Fuller

“ Among the blind the one eyed is king. ”

- Unknown

“ Among the blind the one eyed is king. ”

- Unknown

“ A cat may look at a king. ”

- John Heywood

“ I have known a German Prince with more titles than subjects, and a Spanish nobleman with more names than shirts. ”

- Oliver Goldsmith

“ In the country of Westphalia, in the castle of the most noble Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh, lived a youth whom nature had endowed with a most sweet disposition. ”

- Voltaire

“ So the posts went with the letters from the king and his princes throughout all Israel and Judah, and according to the commandment of the king, saying, Ye children of Israel, turn again unto the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and he will return to the remnant of you, that are escaped out of the hand of the kings of Assyria. ”

- Bible

“ Then took I the cup at the LORD's hand, and made all the nations to drink, unto whom the LORD had sent me: / To wit, Jerusalem, and the cities of Judah, and the kings thereof, and the princes thereof, to make them a desolation, an astonishment, an hissing, and a curse; as it is this day; / Pharaoh king of Egypt, and his servants, and his princes, and all his people; / And all the mingled people, and all the kings of the land of Uz, and all the kings of the land of the Philistines, and Ashkelon, and Azzah, and Ekron, and the remnant of Ashdod, / Edom, and Moab, and the children of Ammon, / And all the kings of Tyrus, and all the kings of Zidon, and the kings of the isles which are beyond the sea, / Dedan, and Tema, and Buz, and all that are in the utmost corners, / And all the kings of Arabia, and all the kings of the mingled people that dwell in the desert, / And all the kings of Zimri, and all the kings of Elam, and all the kings of the Medes, / And all the kings of the north, far and near, one with another, and all the kingdoms of the world, which are upon the face of the earth: and the king of Sheshach shall drink after them. ”

- Bible

“ And Jehoiachin the king of Judah went out to the king of Babylon, he, and his mother, and his servants, and his princes, and his officers: and the king of Babylon took him in the eighth year of his reign. ”

- Bible

“ And his servants said unto him, Behold now, we have heard that the kings of the house of Israel are merciful kings: let us, I pray thee, put sackcloth on our loins, and ropes upon our heads, and go out to the king of Israel: peradventure he will save thy life. ”

- Bible
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