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“ The critic's symbol should be the tumble-bug: he deposits his egg in somebody else's dung, otherwise he could not hatch it. ”

- Mark Twain

“ Television is like the American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up everytime. ”

- Alfred Hitchcock

“ Today... sort of the symbol of journalism in this war. ”

- Katie Couric

“ The flag that was the symbol of slavery on the high seas for a long time was not the Confederate battle flag, it was sadly the Stars and Stripes. ”

- Alan Keyes

“ He did not care a button for it. ”

- Francois Rabelais

“ Advertising is a symbol-manipulating occupation. ”

- S. I. Hayakawa

“ My father was an eminent button-maker at Birmingham,... but I had a soul above buttons. ”

- George Colman

“ There are times in history where a particular doctrine becomes a symbol of a greater problem. ”

- Pat Robertson

“ My jersey hanging from the ceiling is going to be a symbol of the hard work of the people I played with. ”

- Mark Messier

“ I'm not a sex symbol. ”

- Jenny McCarthy

“ Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tired, hurt and bewildered. ”

- Marilyn Monroe

“ A blot in thy escutcheon to all futurity. ”

- Miguel de Cervantes

“ All abstract sciences are nothing but the study of relations between signs. ”

- Denis Diderot

“ For the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence. ”

- Jacques Lacan

“ I love hearts. They are symbols for life, love and humanity. ”

- Ville Valo

“ The present is the symbol of the future. ”

- Joseph McSorely

“ When a symbol unmoors itself from what it symbolizes, it loses meaning. It becomes ineffective. ”

- Arundhati Roy

“ I think any girl who comes to Hollywood with sex symbol or bombshell hanging over her has a rough road. ”

- Kim Basinger

“ Solidarity became the symbol of this fight and a worldwide symbol of freedom. ”

- Horst Koehler

“ You can actually have a pitch button, you know, to get people on pitch. ”

- Helena Bonham Carter

“ Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth. ”

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“ Ostensibly rigorous and realistic, contemporary conservatism is an ideology of denial. Its symbol is a smile button. ”

- Christopher Lasch

“ I had now made about 45 pictures, but what had I become? I knew all too well: a phallic symbol. All over the world I was, as a name and personality, equated with sex. ”

- Errol Flynn

“ I feel the same way I did when I was in school. I'm having the same insecurities. They don't go away just because they call you a sex symbol. ”

- Shirley Manson

“ I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine. ”

- Kurt Vonnegut

“ Symbols are the imaginative signposts of life. ”

- Margot Asquith

“ Characters of the great Apocalypse,/ The types and symbols of Eternity,/ Of first, and last, and midst, and without end. ”

- William Wordsworth

“ You push the button, we do the rest. ”

- George Eastman

“ If you dream and you allow yourself to dream you can do anything. And that's what this Olympic medal represents. ”

- Clara Hughes

“ All that passes is raised to the dignity of expression; all that happens is raised to the dignity of meaning. Everything is either symbol or parable. ”

- Paul Claudel
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