Quotes of Atonement - somelinesforyou

“ I make no apologies for that - it was a joke. ”

- George Clooney

“ Apologies have been made, but where is the atonement? ”

- James Kelly

“ I offer my apologies to those that were offended by my words. ”

- Dick Durbin

“ I don't make any apologies for what I do on the campaign trail. ”

- George W. Bush

“ We were working to shut down a gambling casino, and I make no apologies. ”

- Ralph Reed

“ Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets. ”

- Henry Kissinger

“ Law can discover sin, but not remove, Save by those shadowy expiations weak. ”

- John Milton

“ Since the Fall, man had accepted labor as a penance and for its power to work redemption. It was not a law of nature which forced man to work, but the effect of a curse. ”

- Michel Foucault

“ I don't know that I had any particular influence, but when I came into the business my idols were people like John Ford and Willy Wyler and Howard Hawkes, later on Joseph Mankiewicz and others like that. But I don't know that I picked up, necessarily, anything… ”

- Robert Wise

“ I don't think any of us were really happy with the apologies. ”

- Lincoln Chafee

“ I make no apologies. ”

- Cathy Freeman

“ A new dawn. A chance for redemption. ”

- Unknown

“ For all the expiations have no other meaning than that God will be always merciful, as often as the sinner shall flee to the refuge of his pardon. ”

- John Calvin

“ To speak evil of any one, unless there is unequivocal proofs of their deserving it, is an injury for which there is no adequate reparation. ”

- George Washington

“ If you want the last word, apologize. ”

- G. K. Chesterton

“ An apology is a good way to have the last word. ”

- Unknown

“ Well, excuuuuuse me!!!! ”

- Steve Martin

“ He hadn't a single redeeming vice. ”

- Oscar Wilde

“ It's easier to apologize than ask for permission. ”

- Unknown

“ Never make a defense or apology before you are accused. ”

- Charles I

“ Never make a defense or an apology until you are accused. ”

- King Charles I

“ You can't get real happy or real depressed when you play baseball. Baseball is a great sport in that it offers a player a lot of opportunities for atonement. ”

- Mike Piazza

“ The beginning of atonement is the sense of its necessity. ”

- Lord Byron

“ Is it to be thought unreasonable that the people, in atonement for wrongs of a century, demand the vengeance of a single day? ”

- Maximilien Robespierre

“ Willful sterility is, from the standpoint of the nation, from the standpoint of the human race, the one sin for which the penalty is national death, race death; a sin for which there is no atonement. No man, no woman, can shirk the primary duties of life, whether for love of ease and pleasure, or for any other cause, and retain his or her self-respect. ”

- Theodore Roosevelt
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