Quotes of Acquirement - somelinesforyou

“ We're in the middle of a tax revolution, and this is evidence of that. ”

- Mary Adams

“ Morals are an acquirement - like music, like a foreign language, like piety, poker, paralysis - no man is born with them. ”

- Mark Twain

“ How very seldom do you encounter in the world a man of great abilities, acquirements, experience, who will unmask his mind, unbutton his brains, and pour forth in careless and picturesque phrase all the results of his studies and observation; his knowledge of men, books, and nature… ”

- Benjamin Disraeli

“ Your morals and general character are strictly inquired into; it is therefore expected that you will improve every leisure moment in the acquirement of knowledge of your profession and you will recollect that a good moral character is essential to your high standing in the Navy. ”

- Franklin Buchanan
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