Quotes of Czeslaw Milosz

“ Vulgarized knowledge characteristically gives birth to a feeling that everything is understandable and explained. It is like a system of bridges built over chasms. One can travel boldly ahead over these bridges, ignoring the chasms. It is forbidden to look down into them; but that, alas, does not alter the fact that they exist. ”

- Czeslaw Milosz

“ The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves. We cannot force love. ”

- William Hazlitt

“ True rest is isolated balance and peace of existence through acceptance, submission and awareness of the present moment. ”

- Mike Stagnitta

“ Too much action with too little intent makes for wasteful exertion of energy and the confusion between movement and progress. ”

- Steve Maraboli

“ True success cannot be achieved until you have experienced failure ”

- Brian A Leslie

“ You were like this rare, beautiful comet lighting up the dark sky. ”

- Jacquelyn Middleton

“ When wealth flees, untrue friends follow. ”

- Thomas F. Shubnell

“ I broke my own heart loving you. ”

- Unknown

“ Every second i live in a hope to meet you one day..... I die every second in a fear of loosing you ”

- Shantanand Sharma

“ You never noticed but I was right there, standing behind you, holding the storm while you were learning to fly. ”

- Nitya Prakash

“ To get rid of your lower thoughts, reach for your higher desires. ”

- Matshona Dhliwayo

“ You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know. ”

- William Wilberforce

“ I dunno. I think you’re running again. I think you need to take a chance. For once, let go of the control. ”

- Jacqueline Simon Gunn

“ When you look back on your life, what will truly matter to you? ”

- Jackie Cantoni

“ Your voice could cure cancer ”

- Ismaaciil C. Ubax

“ The race for cheap, unearned attention is a race that can’t be won ”

- Seth Godin

“ We can do it. We have done it before. Therefore we shall do it again and be successful. ”

- Suyasha Subedi

“ Love is always bestowed as a gift - freely, willingly and without expectation. We don't love to be loved; we love to love. ”

- Leo F. Buscaglia

“ A good book writes the author ”

- Mike Stagnitta

“ Winning is you just have to be quick, you snooze you lose ”

- Akhil Gupta

“ Don't limit a child to your own learning, for she was born in another time. ”

- Rabindranath Tagore

“ Happiness is a choice. Peace is a state of mind. Both are free! ”

- Amy Leigh Mercree

“ I can, therefore I am. ”

- Simone Weil

“ I’ve given up on many things through my life; One life itself, On people, on love, But never on myself… ”

- Samiha Totanji

“ You can discard most of the junk that clutters your mind – things that exist only there – and clear out space for yourself. ”

- Marcus Aurelius