Quotes of Tease

“ There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee...that says, fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me...you can't get fooled again. ”

- George W. Bush

“ I think Shrek makes an effect in older people. And there are many things in the movie that you saw that are not for kids. Kids would not understand certain things. ”

- Antonio Banderas

“ The Kid and the Wolf A kid standing on the roof of a house, out of harm's way, saw a Wolf passing by and immediately began to taunt and revile him. The Wolf, looking up, said, Sirrah! I hear thee: yet it is not thou who mockest me, but the roof on which thou art standing… ”

- Aesop

“ Parents always think it's the kids' fault. If they're naughty, it's the kids' fault. Not true! Children generally are not naughty for no reason. ”

- Emma Thompson

“ Don't taunt the alligator until after you've crossed the creek. ”

- Dan Rather

“ When I wasn't as attractive as I am now, I suffered at the hands of cruel children and their taunts until I realised that confidence and a bit of aesthetic care can overcome that. ”

- Johnny Vegas

“ I think we kept focus on the reason we're here, the kids. I think the compromise you came up with still addresses the kids, and they'll come out the winners. ”

- John Hunter

“ Do you hear, or does some fond illusion mock me? ”

- Horace

“ Kids are healthier these days... more kids are in school around the world, and partly that's because Australians have been willing to invest in aid. ”

- Carol Bellamy

“ I won't be having any more kids, though. Four is enough. ”

- Linda McCartney

“ My first serious project was photographing badgers - very, very difficult as they are shy and nocturnal. ”

- Nigel Dennis

“ We want to make sure that every kid who wants to play is going to continue to play and then we'll end up having more kids in the game. ”

- Bobby Orr

“ There's a lot of competition now and a lot of the players have adapted his game to what they do, keeping the ball in play and chasing balls down. ”

- Rod Laver

“ Kids will drive this,... There's no 16-year-old that's not digital.? When someone's kids go to college, parents sign up on America Online to send E-mail to their kids. ”

- Nicholas Negroponte

“ I think that this is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender. ”

- Abba Eban

“ The characteristic of coquettes is affectation governed by whim. ”

- Henry Fielding

“ Hurt a fly! He would not for the world: he's pitiful to flies even. "Sing," says he, "and tease me still, if that's your way, poor insect.". ”

- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“ I am always with myself and it is I who am my tormentor. ”

- Leo Tolstoy

“ Patience when teased is often transformed into rage. ”

- Unknown

“ Speak roughly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes: he only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases. ”

- Lewis Carroll

“ The thing that teases the mind over and over for years, and at last gets itself put down rightly on paper — whether little or great, it belongs to Literature. ”

- Sarah Orne Jewett

“ Well people used to tease me and say, 'Oh, you're a Christian Bob Dylan'. And then when Dylan became a Christian in my Bible study, they'd say to him, 'Oh you're a secular Larry Norman.'. ”

- Larry Norman

“ A graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults. ”

- Louis Nizer

“ An editor is someone who separates the wheat from the chaff and then prints the chaff. ”

- Adlai E. Stevenson

“ You must not think, sir, to catch old birds with chaff. ”

- Cervantes

“ Hopefully the new breed of kids won't have to go through that hard lesson - my kids, my grandkids, my fans' kids, hopefully they won't have to go through it. ”

- Lawrence Taylor

“ You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. ”

- Walt Disney

“ The trees taunt you; the sand mocks you; the water calls your name... and they say golf is a quiet game. ”

- Unknown

“ Our task is to provide an education for the kind of kids we have... Not the kind of kids we used to have... Or want to have... Or the kids that exist in our dreams. ”

- Mary Kay Utecht

“ I grew up on the tennis court with lots of other kids. There were like 40 kids all afternoon and I was one of the youngest ones, so I always had to chase everybody to keep up. ”

- Martina Hingis
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