Quotes of Reconstruction - somelinesforyou

“ Life is a continual process of remaking ourselves. ”

- Unknown

“ The important thing is that the worst is over,... Now comes the reconstruction. ”

- Vicente Fox

“ A chance for 40 acres and a mule after, after reconstruction it never got, had never got done. ”

- Matthew

“ My perspective on the second Bush Administration is, that for all of his big talk, it's going to be a failure. He is not going to get out of Iraq with clear-cut victory or clear-cut reconstruction, during his second term. It's going to take longer, if at all… ”

- Arthur Hertzberg

“ A people's literature is the great textbook for real knowledge of them. The writings of the day show the quality of the people as no historical reconstruction can. ”

- Edith Hamilton

“ To put it boldly, it is the attempt at a posterior reconstruction of existence by the process of conceptualization. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Want is one only of five giants on the road of reconstruction; the others are Disease, Ignorance, Squalor, and Idleness. ”

- William Henry Beveridge

“ We demand in the Reconstruction suffrage for all the citizens of the Republic. I would not talk of Negroes or women, but of citizens. ”

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“ There's no remaking reality.... Just take it as it comes. Hold your ground and take it as it comes. There's no other way. ”

- Philip Roth

“ Life is a continual process of remaking ourselves. ”

- Unknown
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