Quotes of Equal

“ The sexes in each species of beings … are always true equivalents-equals but not identical. ”

- Antoinette Brown Blackwell

“ It was a big disappointment right after the match. Even during, at certain times. ”

- Mary Pierce

“ I think it takes more than three years. We need to string together a decade or two to match something like that. ”

- Tom Brady

“ The only way to get people to like working hard is to motivate them. Today, people must understand why they're working hard. Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different. ”

- Rick Pitino

“ I don't know if we ever fully get over the pain of watching a child trying to find their way through a world that too often doesn't understand. ”

- Anne Ford

“ Pride the first peer and president of hell. ”

- Daniel Defoe

“ We respond to a drama to that extent to which it corresponds to our dream life. ”

- David Mamet

“ Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone. ”

- The Dhammapada

“ In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. ”

- Mignon McLaughlin

“ America guarantees equal opportunity, not equal outcome. ”

- Rush Limbaugh

“ All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ”

- George Orwell

“ Democracy arose from men's thinking that if they are equal in any respect, they are equal absolutely. ”

- Aristotle

“ If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut. ”

- Albert Einstein

“ Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may. ”

- Henry David Thoreau

“ We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. ”

- Susan Jeffers

“ We were equals once when we lay new-born babes on our nurse's knees. We will be equal again when they tie up our jaws for the last sleep. ”

- Olive Schreiner

“ Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work. ”

- Susan B. Anthony

“ Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks. ”

- Phillip Brooks

“ All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have as an equal opportunity to develop our talents. ”

- John F. Kennedy

“ All men have an equal right to the free development of their faculties; they have an equal right to the impartial protection of the state; but it is not true, it is against all the laws of reason and equity, it is against the eternal nature of things, that the indolent man and the laborious man, the spendthrift and the economist, the imprudent and the wise, should obtain and enjoy an equal amount of goods. ”

- Victor Cousin

“ I never seek to defeat the man I am fighting, I seek to defeat his confidence. A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory. Two men are equals - true equals - only when they both have equal confidence. ”

- Arthur S. Golden

“ Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home- so close and so smallthat they cannot be seen on any map of the world. Yet they arethe world of the individual person: the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or office where he works… ”

- Eleanor Anna Roosevelt

“ In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it. ”

- Unknown

“ Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. ”

- Timothy Leary

“ All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value. ”

- Carl Edward Sagan

“ Equal opportunity means everyone will have a fair chance at being incompetent. ”

- Laurence J. Peter

“ As men, we are all equal in the presence of death. ”

- Publilius Syrus

“ Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference. ”

- Voltaire

“ If you would marry suitably, marry your equal. ”

- Ovid

“ No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft. ”

- H. G. Wells
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