Quotes of Episode

“ It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. ”

- Anthony Robbins

“ The causes of events are ever more interesting than the events themselves. ”

- Marcus Tullius Cicero

“ Before a cure is found we will all have been affected one way or another. ”

- Unknown

“ The Player of the Year means a lot because it's from your peers. That is like the ultimate compliment. The money list doesn't really interest me that much only because if you play more, you have a better chance of making more money and I don't play that many events… ”

- Tiger Woods

“ Stupidity gets up early; that is why events are accustomed to happening in the morning. ”

- Karl Kraus

“ Man is troubled not by events, but by the meaning he gives them. ”

- Unknown

“ The causes of events are ever more interresting than the events themselves. ”

- Cicero

“ Marriage — a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters written in prose. ”

- Beverly Nichols

“ I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me. ”

- Abraham Lincoln

“ It's essential to distinguish between events that are really beyond your control and events you caused yourself. ”

- Barbara Sher

“ It's all just one film to me. Just different chapters. ”

- Robert Altman

“ I have been trying to find gas masks for dogs. I have a vet friend who said that somebody in his office got some. ”

- Shannon Elizabeth

“ Transmitted at the speed of light, all events on this planet are simultaneous. In the electric environment of information all events are simultaneous, there is no time or space separating events. ”

- Marshall McLuhan

“ Love is the whole history of a woman's life, it is but an episode in a man's. ”

- Anne Germain De Stael

“ Marriage - a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose. ”

- Beverley Nichols

“ We're drinking my friend, To the end of a brief episode, Make it one for my baby, And one more for the road. ”

- Johnny Mercer

“ As far as I am concerned, the first episode of Buffy was the beginning of my career. It was the first time I told a story from start to finish the way I wanted. ”

- joss whedon

“ I am more and more convinced that our happiness or our unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events themselves. ”

- Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt

“ The press is no substitute for institutions. It is like the beam of a searchlight that moves restlessly about, bringing one episode and then another out of darkness into vision. Men cannot do the work of the world by this light alone. They cannot govern society by episodes, incidents, and eruptions… ”

- Walter Lippmann

“ You see, it's never the environment; it's never the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach to the events — how we interpret them — that shapes who we are today and who we'll become tomorrow. ”

- Anthony Robbins

“ This is not remarkable, for, as we know, reality is not a function of the event as event, but of the relationship of that event to past, and future, events. We seem here to have a paradox: that the reality of an event, which is not real in itself, arises from the other events which, likewise, in themselves are not real… ”

- Robert Penn Warren

“ We are deeply concerned about those who have been required to return from the borders back into Kosovo and about whom we cannot find first-hand information,... That was a cause of really grave concern. ”

- Mary Robinson

“ And so in my warnings, I was pointing to a number of incidents around the communion that could undermine our growing sense of communion - of becoming a global communion. So that's why I pointed to New Westminster in Canada, to incidents in the United States, and Sydney itself. ”

- George Carey

“ I've learned quite a few lessons from this entire episode. First of all, I learned that blogging is a public forum, and ideas you express are going to be read by more people than you think. That's a crucial lesson. Another lesson is to clear up with your employer before you blog what exactly acceptable and unacceptable. ”

- Mark Jen

“ Twenty or thirty years ago, in the army, we had a lot of obscure adventures, and years later we tell them at parties, and suddenly we realize that those two very difficult years of our lives have become lumped together into a few episodes that have lodged in our memory in a standardized form, and are always told in a standardized way, in the same words… ”

- Vaclav Havel

“ What is a novel if not a conviction of our fellow-men's existence strong enough to take upon itself a form of imagined life clearer than reality and whose accumulated verisimilitude of selected episodes puts to shame the pride of documentary history? ”

- Joseph Conrad

“ Youth is the period in which a man can be hopeless. The end of every episode is the end of the world. But the power of hoping through everything, the knowledge that the soul survives its adventures, that great inspiration comes to the middle-aged. ”

- Gilbert K. Chesterton

“ There have been periods of history in which episodes of terrible violence occurred but for which the word violence was never used…Violence is shrouded in justifying myths that lend it moral legitimacy, and these myths for the most part kept people from recognizing the violence for what it was… ”

- Gil Bailie

“ I feel with TV you're allowed more freedom. With television there's more time to create something through the episodes. The fact that you're working harder on the surface seems more difficult, but you get into a way of working where if you're not allowed to stop and breathe and think about it, you just go on instinctively, which is the way I prefer anyway… ”

- Robert Carlyle

“ I'm a ridiculous sci-fi fan. In fact, I admit it freely; my manager is horrified. I just recently bought seasons two through five of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. And I've watched all the episodes, half on the plane and a few of them as I was going to sleep last night… ”

- Emma Caulfield
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