Quotes of Enhancement

“ Hands are always conspicuous, and if used carelessly, they'll always detract, never be a plus to the enhancement of personality. ”

- Loretta Young

“ FLY-SPECK, n. The prototype of punctuation. It is observed by Garvinus that the systems of punctuation in use by the various literary nations depended originally upon the social habits and general diet of the flies infesting the several countries. These creatures, which have always been distinguished for a neighborly and companionable familiarity with authors, liberally or niggardly embellish the manuscripts in process of growth under the pen, according to their bodily habit, bringing out the sense of the work by a species of interpretation superior to, and independent of, the writer's powers… ”

- Ambrose Bierce

“ No statistical proofs exist that prayer reduces illness and mortality, except perhaps through a psychogenic enhancement of the immune system; if it were otherwise the whole world would pray continuously. ”

- Edward O. Wilson

“ I am taught the poorness of our invention, the ugliness of towns and palaces. Art and luxury have early learned that they must work as enhancement and sequel to this original beauty. I am over instructed for my return. Henceforth I shall be hard to please… ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ Being involved - even if only through passive ownership - in this steadfast city enhancement, which is relatively risk-free and without the awful baggage of other commercial activities' competitive pressures, is immensely interesting. ”

- Bob Jones
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