Quotes of Enforcement

“ All that makes existence valuable to any one depends on the enforcement of restraints upon the actions of other people. ”

- John Stuart Mill

“ Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is also true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on. ”

- John F. Kennedy

“ I sometimes wish that people would put a little more emphasis on the observance of the law than they do upon its enforcement. ”

- Calvin Coolidge

“ Assault weapons pose a grave threat to all Americans, but most especially to law enforcement officers on our city streets. ”

- Senator Dianne Feinstein

“ Illegal immigration is a genuinely national issue, and resolving it requires a national commitment not just on health care but also border control, law enforcement and other resources. ”

- Jon Kyl

“ Baseball needs to put the steroids era behind it by having and enforcing tough rules against all kinds of artificial advantages, so that spring can return. ”

- Marvin Olasky

“ Government interference always means either violent action or the threat of such action. Government is in the last resort the employment of armed men, of policemen, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, and hangmen. The essential feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning… ”

- Ludwig von Mises

“ Above all, I would teach him to tell the truth Truth-telling, I have found, is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have had one thing in common: Every single one was a liar. ”

- J. Edgar Hoover

“ Methamphetamine is a hideous drug. Meth makes a person become paranoid, violent, and aggressive - making them a serious threat to society and law enforcement. And maybe more importantly, meth users are a threat to their own children and families. ”

- Dirk Kempthorne

“ Possibly it wasn't too important for the world to know that we couldn't be bought, but I did want Al Capone and every gangster in the city to realize that there were still a few law enforcement agents who couldn't be swerved from their duty. ”

- Eliot Ness
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