Quotes of Enactment

“ I know we can't abolish prejudice through laws, but we can set up guidelines for our actions by legislation. ”

- Belva Lockwood

“ This is a jobs creation legislation. ”

- Charles Grassley

“ We have got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true. ”

- Denis Waitley

“ I got hurt playing football. ”

- Mark Wahlberg

“ Playing for Yogi is like playing for your father; playing for Billy is like playing for your father-in-law. ”

- Don Baylor

“ We're exactly what that legislation is trying to encourage. ”

- Steve Miller

“ The legislation is not perfect, but it is very, very good. ”

- Bill Frist

“ We are rushing forward with this legislation... without any information. ”

- George Miller

“ Revealed religion is one thing, revealed legislation, another. ”

- Moses MendeLssohn

“ Clearly he is conservative,... outside the mainstream of American jurisprudence. ”

- Kent Conrad

“ If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules. ”

- Unknown

“ The welfare of the people is the ultimate law. ”

- Cicero

“ The wise know that foolish legislation is a rope of sand, which perishes in the twisting. ”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

“ The legislation introduced by Sen. Murkowski not only opens up this precious and so far unspoiled area of Alaska, but also destroys, to a great degree, the protection that has been built into other legislations concerning air pollution, water pollution and other things. ”

- Jimmy Carter

“ I am yet too young to understand that God is any respecter of persons. I believe that to have interfered as I have done…in behalf of His despised poor, was not wrong, but right. Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children, and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I submit: so let it be done! ”

- John Brown
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