Quotes of Emotionally

“ I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers. ”

- Woody Allen

“ With something that's more emotionally based, you can't sort of screw the line up a little bit and adlib and something. ”

- Joan Allen

“ I'm a 44-year-old granny emotionally involved with toads. ”

- Ann Cook

“ Churchill wrote his own speeches. When a leader does that, he becomes emotionally invested with his utterances. If Churchill had had a speech writer in 1940, Britain would be speaking German today. ”

- James C. Humes

“ I think I'm more bonded, emotionally and in a craft sense, to films that tell extraordinary stories about extraordinary destinies. ”

- Ben Kingsley

“ We are injured and hurt emotionally, Not so much by other people or what they say and don't say, But by our own attitude and our own response. ”

- Maxwell Maltz

“ The body must be nourished, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We're spiritually starved in this culture — not underfed but undernourished. ”

- Carol Hornig

“ Never react emotionally to criticism. Analyze yourself to determine whether it is justified. If it is, correct yourself. Otherwise, go on about your business. ”

- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

“ When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: Give up or fight like hell. ”

- Lance Armstrong

“ And then mentally, do I have the patience to see that through? ”

- Phil Jackson

“ Like I said, I've got too much respect for women to marry them, but that doesn't mean you can't support them emotionally and financially. ”

- Sylvester Stallone

“ Now that we have all this useful information, it would be nice to do something with it. ”

- Unix Programmer’s Manual

“ Intellectually, I know that America is no better than any other country; emotionally I know she is better than every other country. ”

- Sinclair Lewis

“ This is the challenge of writing. You have to be very emotionally engaged in what you're doing, or it comes out flat. You can't fake your way through this. ”

- Real Live Preacher

“ A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience. ”

- Wallis Simpson

“ It is my settled opinion, after some years as a political correspondent, that no one is attracted to a political career in the first place unless he is socially or emotionally crippled. ”

- Auberon Waugh

“ Racing takes everything you've got — intellectually, emotionally, physically — and then you have to find about ten percent more and use that too. ”

- Janet Guthrie

“ The idea of "twenty-four-hour living" applies primarily to the emotional life of the individual. Emotionally speaking, we must not live in yesterday, nor in tomorrow. ”

- As Bill Sees It

“ The professional must learn to be moved and touched emotionally, yet at the same time stand back objectively: I've seen a lot of damage done by tea and sympathy. ”

- Anthony Storr

“ The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it emotionally. ”

- Flannery O’Connor

“ I couldn't help being a part of my race. A race that continued to be tough. It was possible for me to accept myself, finally, only when I realized-emotionally-that poetry is tough too, that a poem can contain as much fury and power as a fist or a blackjack. ”

- Alden Nowlan

“ Your body must become familiar with its death — in all its possible forms and degrees — as a self-evident, imminent, and emotionally neutral step on the way towards the goal you have found worthy of your life. ”

- Dag Hammarskjold

“ All classes of people under social pressure are permeated with a common experience; they are emotionally welded as others cannot be. With them, even ordinary living has epic depth and lyric intensity, and this, their material handicap, is their spiritual advantage. ”

- Alain Locke

“ I do have the ability to explore life and to be over the moon at the smallest thing - a few pints and a craic in the pub and I'm in heaven. But I have a melancholy side to me as well. Acting allows me to feel things, it kind of buys me human experience… ”

- Colin Farrell

“ Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child In the last decade or so, science has discovered a tremendous amount about the role emotions play in our lives. Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships. ”

- John Gottman

“ There's a dangerous thrill - a rush - in goodness. If you don't keep your wits about you, if you don't have a very sober take on what you're doing and who you're doing it too, you can inadvertently set little fires. The very people you are helping can wind up, emotionally, in worse shape than they were before. ”

- Richard Price

“ Hesitation, depression or envy of those who appear to have what we want are often signs of weakness or lack of vigorous, clear purpose. These feelings may be saying we're not yet ready to create our good. When we're emotionally unprepared, we want something for nothing, and quickly. ”

- Marsha Sinetar

“ I also remember the moment my life changed, the moment I finally said, "I've had it! I know I'm much more than I'm demonstrating mentally, emotionally, and physically in my life." I made a decision in that moment which was to alter my life forever… ”

- Anthony Robbins

“ I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I'm a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing now or in the future to be ashamed of in this situation. That, at bottom, I myself have in a certain sense asked for this detention and this sentence, because I've always refused to change my opinion, for which I would be willing to give my life and not just remain in prison… ”

- Antonio Gramsci

“ It really costs me a lot emotionally to watch myself on-screen. I think of myself, and feel like I'm quite young, and then I look at this old man with the baggy chins and the tired eyes and the receding hairline and all that. ”

- Gene Hackman
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