Quotes of Eldest

“ The older you get, the more you learn. ”

- Martina Hingis

“ O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven; It hath the primal eldest curse upon 't, A brother's murder. ”

- William Shakespeare

“ Light, God's eldest daughter, is a principal beauty in a building. ”

- Thomas Fuller

“ Self-defense is Nature's eldest law. ”

- John Dryden

“ Light is a principal beauty in building. ”

- Thomas Fuller

“ I'm the eldest at 51, and if the Stones can drag themselves around once more, then there's a few more albums in us. ”

- Barry Gibb

“ Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now. ”

- Bob Dylan

“ It is the duty of children to wait on elders, and not the elders on children. ”

- African proverb

“ The older you get, the more you realize you're drifting toward a direction, and sometimes your significant other drifts into an opposite direction. You can't blame anybody for it. ”

- Dido Armstrong

“ I don't feel any older now than when I was 70. ”

- John Patrick
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