Quotes of Egoistic

“ Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them. ”

- Sigmund Freud

“ Spiritual power begins by directing animal power to other than egoistic ends. ”

- John Ruskin

“ The emancipation of women is practically the greatest egoistic movement of the nineteenth century, and the most intense affirmation of the right of the self that history has yet seen. ”

- Ellen Key

“ Among the very rich you will never find a really generous man, even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egoistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it. ”

- Gilbert K. Chesterton

“ Everyone in our culture wants to win a prize. Perhaps that is the grand lesson we have taken with us from kindergarten in the age of perversions of Dewey-style education: everyone gets a ribbon, and praise becomes a meaningless narcotic to soothe egoistic distemper. ”

- Gerald Early
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